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Protection of person dealing with conservator.

(1) A person that assists or deals with a conservator in good faith and for value in any transaction, other than a transaction requiring a court order under RCW 11.130.435, is protected as though the conservator properly exercised any power in question. Knowledge by a person that the person is dealing with a conservator alone does not require the person to inquire into the existence of authority of the conservator or the propriety of the conservator's exercise of authority, but restrictions on authority stated in letters of office, or otherwise provided by law, are effective as to the person. A person that pays or delivers property to a conservator is not responsible for proper application of the property.
(2) Protection under subsection (1) of this section extends to a procedural irregularity or jurisdictional defect in the proceeding leading to the issuance of letters of office and does not substitute for protection for a person that assists or deals with a conservator provided by comparable provisions in law of this state other than this chapter relating to a commercial transaction or simplifying a transfer of securities by a fiduciary.
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