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Nonprobate assets not property of estateEffect of notice on administrationEffect of preceding death of devisee or legatee.

(1) Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter, a nonprobate asset disposed of under the owner's will may not be treated as a part of the owner's probate estate for any other purpose under this title, unless:
(a) The nonprobate asset is subject to liabilities and claims, estate taxes, and expenses of administration under RCW 11.18.200; or
(b) Any section of this title directs otherwise, by specifically referring to this section.
(2) Provision of notice under this chapter has no effect on the administration of other assets of the estate of the owner. The personal representative has no duty to administer upon a nonprobate asset because of providing the notice, unless specifically required by this chapter or under RCW 11.18.200.
(3) RCW 11.12.110, regarding death of a devisee or legatee before the testator, does not apply to disposition of a nonprobate asset under a will.
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