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Failure to make timely arrest or demand for extradition.

If the accused is not arrested under warrant of the governor by the expiration of the time specified in the warrant or bond, a judge or magistrate may discharge him or her or may recommit him or her for a further period not to exceed sixty days, or a judge or magistrate judge may again take bail for his or her appearance and surrender, as provided in RCW 10.88.350, but within a period not to exceed sixty days after the date of such new bond: PROVIDED, That the governor may, except in cases in which the offense is punishable under laws of the demanding state by death or life imprisonment, deny a demand for extradition when such demand is not received by the governor before the expiration of one hundred twenty days from the date of arrest in this state of the alleged fugitive, in the absence of a showing of good cause for such delay.
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