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Escape or disappearanceNotification requirements.

(1) In the event of an escape by a person committed under this chapter from a state facility or the disappearance of such a person on conditional release or other authorized absence, the superintendent shall provide notification of the person's escape or disappearance for the public's safety or to assist in the apprehension of the person.
(a) The superintendent shall notify:
(i) State and local law enforcement officers located in the city and county where the person escaped and in the city and county which had jurisdiction of the person on the date of the applicable offense;
(ii) Other appropriate governmental agencies;
(iii) The person's attorney of record; and
(iv) The person's relatives.
(b) The superintendent shall provide the same notification as required by (a) of this subsection to the following, if such notice has been requested in writing about a specific person committed under this chapter:
(i) The victim of the crime for which the person was convicted or the victim's next of kin if the crime was a homicide;
(ii) Any witnesses who testified against the person in any court proceedings if the person was charged with a violent offense; and
(iii) Any other appropriate persons.
(2) Information regarding victims, next of kin, or witnesses requesting the notice, information regarding any other person specified in writing by the prosecuting attorney to receive the notice, and the notice are confidential and shall not be available to the person committed under this chapter.
(3) The notice provisions of this section are in addition to those provided in RCW 10.77.205.


IntentEffective date2023 c 120: See notes following RCW 2.70.027.
Findings2011 c 305: See note following RCW 74.09.295.
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