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Competency restorationReport to the governor and legislature.

The authority shall report annually to the governor and relevant committees of the legislature, beginning November 1, 2022, and shall make the report public, describing:
(1) How many individuals are being served by outpatient competency restoration programs and in what locations;
(2) The length of stay of individuals in outpatient competency restoration programs;
(3) The number of individuals who are revoked from an outpatient competency restoration program into inpatient treatment, and the outcomes of other individuals, if any, whose participation in an outpatient competency restoration program were terminated before the completion of the program; and
(4) For individuals who were revoked from an outpatient competency restoration program into an inpatient competency restoration program, how many days the individuals spent in outpatient competency restoration treatment and inpatient competency restoration treatment, and whether the restoration programs resulted in a finding of competent to stand trial or another outcome.
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