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When order may be issued.

A court may enter an off-limits order enjoining a known drug trafficker who has been associated with drug trafficking in an area that the court finds to be a PADT area, from entering or remaining in a designated PADT area for up to one year. This relief may be ordered pursuant to applications for injunctive relief or as part of a criminal proceeding as follows:
(1) In a civil action, including an action brought under this chapter;
(2) In a nuisance abatement action pursuant to chapter 7.43 RCW;
(3) In an eviction action to exclude known drug traffickers or tenants who were evicted for allowing drug trafficking to occur on the premises which were the subject of the eviction action;
(4) As a condition of pretrial release of a known drug trafficker awaiting trial on drug charges. The order shall be in effect until the time of sentencing or dismissal of the criminal charges; or
(5) As a condition of sentencing of any known drug trafficker convicted of a drug offense. The order may include all periods of community placement or community supervision.
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