Chapter 84.56 RCW



HTMLPDF 84.56.010Establishment of tax rolls by treasurerPublic recordTax roll accountAuthority to receive, collect taxes.
HTMLPDF 84.56.020Taxes collected by treasurerDates of delinquencyTax statement notice concerning payment by checkInterestPenaltiesExtensions during state of emergency.
HTMLPDF 84.56.022Tax statement to show voter-approved levies.
HTMLPDF 84.56.025Waiver of interest and penaltiesCircumstancesProvision of death certificate and affidavit for certain waivers.
HTMLPDF 84.56.029Payment assistance.
HTMLPDF 84.56.035Special assessments, excise taxes, or rates and chargesCollection by county treasurer authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.56.050Treasurer's duties on receiving rollsNotice of taxes due.
HTMLPDF 84.56.060Tax receiptsCurrent tax only may be paid.
HTMLPDF 84.56.070Personal propertyDistraint and sale, notice, property incapable of manual delivery, property about to be removed or disposed ofMobile or manufactured homes, waiver of interest and penalties.
HTMLPDF 84.56.075Issuance of warrant by court for property subject to distraint.
HTMLPDF 84.56.090Distraint and sale of property about to be removed, dissipated, sold, or disposed ofComputation of taxes, entry on rolls, tax liens.
HTMLPDF 84.56.120Removal of property from county or state after assessment without paying tax.
HTMLPDF 84.56.150Removal of personaltyCertification of tax by treasurer.
HTMLPDF 84.56.160Certification of statement of taxes and delinquency.
HTMLPDF 84.56.170Collection of certified taxesRemittance.
HTMLPDF 84.56.200Removal of timber or improvements on which tax is delinquentPenalty.
HTMLPDF 84.56.210Severance of standing timber assessed as realtyTimber tax may be collected as personalty tax.
HTMLPDF 84.56.220Lien of personalty tax follows insurance.
HTMLPDF 84.56.230Monthly distribution of taxes collected.
HTMLPDF 84.56.240Cancellation of uncollectible personalty taxes.
HTMLPDF 84.56.250Penalty for willful noncollection to file delinquent list.
HTMLPDF 84.56.260Continuing responsibility to collect taxes, special assessments, fees, rates, or other charges.
HTMLPDF 84.56.270Court cancellation of personalty taxes more than four years delinquent.
HTMLPDF 84.56.280Settlement with state for state taxesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 84.56.290Adjustment with state for reduced or canceled taxes and for taxes on assessments not on the certified assessment list.
HTMLPDF 84.56.300Annual report of collections to county auditor.
HTMLPDF 84.56.310Interested person may pay real property taxesLimitation.
HTMLPDF 84.56.320Recovery by occupant or tenant paying realty taxes.
HTMLPDF 84.56.330Payment by mortgagee or other lienholder.
HTMLPDF 84.56.335Manufactured/mobile home or park model trailer landlord tax responsibility.
HTMLPDF 84.56.340Payment on part of parcel or tract or on undivided interest or fractional interestDivisionCertificationAppeal.
HTMLPDF 84.56.345Alteration of property linesPayment of taxes and assessments.
HTMLPDF 84.56.360Separate ownership of improvementsSeparate payment authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.56.370Separate ownership of improvementsProcedure for segregation of improvement tax.
HTMLPDF 84.56.380Separate ownership of improvementsSegregation or payment not to release lien.
HTMLPDF 84.56.430Relisting and relevy of tax adjudged void.
HTMLPDF 84.56.440Ships and vesselsCollection of fees and taxesDelinquent fees and taxesExtensions during state of emergencyWithholding decal for failure to pay taxes or fees.