Chapter 71A.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 71A.12.010State and local programCoordinationContinuum.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.020Objectives of program.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.025Persons with developmental disabilities who commit crimesFindings.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.030General authority of secretaryRule adoption.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.040Authorized services.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.050Payments for nonresidential services.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.060Payment authorized for residents in community residential programs.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.070Payments under RCW 71A.12.060 supplemental to payments from other resourcesDirect payments.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.080Rules.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.090Eligibility of parent for services.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.100Other services.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.110Authority to contract for services.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.120Authority to participate in federal programs.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.130GiftsAcceptance, use, record.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.140Duties of state agencies generally.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.150Contracts with United States and other states for developmental disability services.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.161Individual and family services programRules.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.200Community protection programLegislative approval.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.210Community protection programApplication.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.220Community protection programDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.230Community protection programRisk assessmentWritten notificationWritten determination.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.240Community protection programAppealsRulesNotice.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.250Community protection programServicesReviewsRules.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.260Community protection programLess restrictive residential placement.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.280Community protection programRules, guidelines, and policy manuals.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.290Transition from employment services to community access program.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.300Enforcement standardsCertified residential services and support providersDepartment authorityDispute resolution processAccount.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.310Annual assessmentCase manager duties.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.320Risk of abuse and neglectProcessHome visits.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.330Residential services and supports programCertification fee for complaint investigationsIntent.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.340Residential services and supports programCertification fee for complaint investigationsRequirements.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.350Residential services and supports programCertification fee for complaint investigationsDepartment duties.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.360Duty to track, monitor, and make available certain deidentified information about clients taken or admitted to a hospitalNotification by provider required.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.370Medicaid waiverEligibilityTransfer.
HTMLPDF 71A.12.380Medicaid waiverEligibility modificationDependent children and youth with developmental disabilities.