Chapter 51.32 RCW



HTMLPDF 51.32.010Who entitled to compensation.
HTMLPDF 51.32.015Time and place of coverageLunch period.
HTMLPDF 51.32.020Who not entitled to compensation.
HTMLPDF 51.32.025Payments for children cease at age eighteenExceptions.
HTMLPDF 51.32.030When compensation payable to employer or member of corporate employer.
HTMLPDF 51.32.040Protection of awardsPayment after deathTime limitations for filingConfinement in institution.
HTMLPDF 51.32.045Direct deposit or electronic payment of benefits.
HTMLPDF 51.32.050Death benefits.
HTMLPDF 51.32.055Determination of permanent disabilitiesClosure of claims by self-insurers.
HTMLPDF 51.32.060Permanent total disability compensationPersonal attendant.
HTMLPDF 51.32.067Permanent total disabilityDeath benefit optionsElection.
HTMLPDF 51.32.072Additional payments for prior pensionersChildrenRemarriageAttendant.
HTMLPDF 51.32.073Additional payments for prior pensionersPremium liability of worker and employer for additional payments.
HTMLPDF 51.32.075Adjustments in compensation or death benefits.
HTMLPDF 51.32.080Permanent partial disabilitySpecifiedUnspecified, rules for classificationInjury after permanent partial disability.
HTMLPDF 51.32.090Temporary total disabilityPartial restoration of earning powerReturn to available workWhen employer continues wagesLimitationsFindingRules.
HTMLPDF 51.32.095Vocational rehabilitation servicesBenefitsPrioritiesAllowable costsPerformance criteria.
HTMLPDF 51.32.096Vocational rehabilitation benefits and optionsAdvisory committeeProceduresRequirementsDefinitionsCosts.
HTMLPDF 51.32.098Vocational rehabilitation servicesApplicability.
HTMLPDF 51.32.100Preexisting disease.
HTMLPDF 51.32.110Medical examinationRefusal to submitTraveling expensesPay for time lost.
HTMLPDF 51.32.112Medical examinationStandards and criteriaSpecial examinations by chiropractorsCompensation guidelines and reporting criteria.
HTMLPDF 51.32.114Medical examinationDepartment to monitor quality and objectivity.
HTMLPDF 51.32.120Further accident after lump sum payment.
HTMLPDF 51.32.130Lump sum for death or permanent total disability.
HTMLPDF 51.32.135Closing of claim in pension casesConsent of spouse.
HTMLPDF 51.32.140Nonresident alien beneficiary.
HTMLPDF 51.32.150Lump sum to beneficiary outside state.
HTMLPDF 51.32.160Aggravation, diminution, or termination.
HTMLPDF 51.32.180Occupational diseasesLimitation.
HTMLPDF 51.32.181Occupational diseasesPublic health emergenciesInfectious or contagious diseases.
HTMLPDF 51.32.185Occupational diseasesPresumption of occupational disease for firefighters and fire investigatorsLimitationsExceptionRulesAdvisory committee on occupational disease presumptions.
HTMLPDF 51.32.187Exposed workersPrima facie presumption of certain occupational diseasesRebuttalDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 51.32.1871Annual report on claims.
HTMLPDF 51.32.190Self-insurersNotice of denial of claim, reasonsProcedurePowers and duties of director.
HTMLPDF 51.32.195Self-insurersInformation to department.
HTMLPDF 51.32.200Self-insurersEnforcement of compensation order against.
HTMLPDF 51.32.210Claims of injured workers, prompt actionPaymentAcceptanceEffect.
HTMLPDF 51.32.215Payment of compensation after appealEnforcement of orderPenalty.
HTMLPDF 51.32.220Reduction in total disability compensationLimitationsNoticeWaiverAdjustment for retroactive reduction in federal social security disability benefitRestrictions.
HTMLPDF 51.32.225Reduction in total disability compensationOffset for social security retirement benefits.
HTMLPDF 51.32.230Recovery of overpayments.
HTMLPDF 51.32.240Erroneous paymentsPayments induced by willful misrepresentationAdjustment for self-insurer's failure to pay benefitsRecoupment of overpayments by self-insurerPenaltyAppealEnforcement of orders.
HTMLPDF 51.32.242Self-insured employer overpayment reimbursement fundWithholding from worker earningsUse of fundsException.
HTMLPDF 51.32.250Payment of job modification costs.
HTMLPDF 51.32.260Compensation for loss or damage to personal effects.
HTMLPDF 51.32.300State employee vocational rehabilitation coordinator.
HTMLPDF 51.32.350Chemically related illnessCriteria and procedures for claimsClaims management.
HTMLPDF 51.32.360Chemically related illnessCenters for research and clinical assessment.
HTMLPDF 51.32.370Chemically related illnessResearch projectsImplementation planFundingDeductions from employees' pay.
HTMLPDF 51.32.380Injured offendersBenefits sent in the care of the department of correctionsExceptionLiability.
HTMLPDF 51.32.390Health care employeesPresumption of occupational disease for infectious or contagious diseases which are the subject of a public health emergencyRebuttalLimitationsCosts.
HTMLPDF 51.32.395Direct care registered nursesPresumption of occupational disease for posttraumatic stress disorder.


Self-insured employer overpayment reimbursement fund: RCW 51.44.142.
Victims of crimes, benefits: Chapter 7.68 RCW.