Chapter 51.16 RCW



HTMLPDF 51.16.035ClassificationsPremiumsRulesWorkers' compensation advisory committee recommendations.
HTMLPDF 51.16.040Occupational diseases.
HTMLPDF 51.16.042Occupational and environmental research facility.
HTMLPDF 51.16.060Quarterly report of payrolls.
HTMLPDF 51.16.070Employer's recordsUnified business identifierConfidentiality.
HTMLPDF 51.16.090Continuity of cost experience.
HTMLPDF 51.16.100Classification changes.
HTMLPDF 51.16.105Departmental expenses, financing, accounting.
HTMLPDF 51.16.107Information and training on premium liability.
HTMLPDF 51.16.110New businesses or resumed or continued operations.
HTMLPDF 51.16.120Distribution of further accident cost.
HTMLPDF 51.16.130Distribution of catastrophe cost.
HTMLPDF 51.16.140Premium liability of worker.
HTMLPDF 51.16.150Delinquent employersPenalty after demandInjunctive relief.
HTMLPDF 51.16.155Failure or refusal of employer to report or pay premiums dueCollection.
HTMLPDF 51.16.160Lien for payments duePriorityProbate, insolvency, etc.
HTMLPDF 51.16.170Lien for premiums, assessments, contributions, and penaltiesPriorityIn generalNotice.
HTMLPDF 51.16.180Property acquired by state on execution.
HTMLPDF 51.16.190Limitation on collection actions.
HTMLPDF 51.16.200Payment of tax by employer quitting businessLiability of successor.
HTMLPDF 51.16.210Horse racing employmentPremiums.
HTMLPDF 51.16.220Reimbursement from disaster response account for nongovernment employees.
HTMLPDF 51.16.230HospitalsPremiumsRulesReports.
HTMLPDF 51.16.243Farm internship programSpecial risk classRules.
HTMLPDF 51.16.250Transportation network companiesPremiumsRules.