Chapter 41.80 RCW



41.80.001Application of chapter.
41.80.007Joint committee on employment relationsMembersPurposeRulesMeetings.
41.80.010Negotiation and ratification of collective bargaining agreementsFunding to implement modification of certain collective bargaining agreements.
41.80.020Scope of bargaining.
41.80.030Contents of collective bargaining agreementsExecution.
41.80.040Management rightsNot subject to bargaining.
41.80.050Rights of employees.
41.80.060Right to strike not granted.
41.80.070Bargaining unitsCertification.
41.80.083Application of RCW 41.56.037Bargaining representative access to new employees.
41.80.090Failure to reach agreementThird party involvementExpiration of agreements during negotiation.
41.80.100Union security provisionFees and duesRight of nonassociation.
41.80.110Unfair labor practices enumerated.
41.80.120Unfair labor practice proceduresPowers and duties of commission.
41.80.130Enforcement of collective bargaining agreementsArbitratorsSubpoenasSuperior court.
41.80.140Office of financial management's labor relations service accountCreated.
41.80.905Apportionment of funds.
41.80.907Short title2002 c 354.
41.80.910Effective dates2002 c 354.
41.80.911Review of appropriateness of certain collective bargaining units.