Chapter 41.32 RCW



41.32.005Provisions applicable to "plan 1," "plan 2," and "plan 3."
41.32.012ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
41.32.013Substitute teachersApplication for service creditProcedures.
41.32.020Name of system.
41.32.025Department's power to determine eligibility.
41.32.032Membership in systemService credit of educational staff associates.
41.32.033Membership in systemCharter school employers and employees.
41.32.035Employer contribution ratesComputation and payment.
41.32.042Validity of deductionsInterest.
41.32.044Retired teacher may reenter systemBenefit limitations.
41.32.052Exemption from taxation and judicial processExceptionsNonassignabilityDeductions authorized.
41.32.053Death benefitCourse of employmentOccupational disease or infection.
41.32.054Disability retirementCriminal conduct.
41.32.062Effect of certain accumulated vacation leave on retirement benefits.
41.32.063Benefit calculationLimitation.
41.32.064Establishing, restoring service credit.
41.32.0641Disabled in the line of dutyContinuation of service creditConditions.
41.32.065Election to use out-of-state service credit to calculate time at which the member may retire.
41.32.066Purchase of additional service creditCostsRules.
41.32.067Purchase of additional benefitsConditions.
41.32.068Postretirement employment options.
"PLAN 1"
41.32.215Provisions applicable to plan 1.
41.32.240Membership in system.
41.32.260Credit for military service or as state legislator.
41.32.263State legislators and state officials eligible for retirement benefits.
41.32.267Service credit for paid leave of absenceApplication to elected officials of labor organizations.
41.32.270Teaching service, how credited.
41.32.300Limitation on credit for out-of-state service.
41.32.310Time limit for claiming service creditPayments.
41.32.330Credit for professional preparation subsequent to becoming teacher.
41.32.340Creditable service, what to consist of.
41.32.345"Earnable compensation" defined for certain part-time employeesAdoption of rules.
41.32.350Purchase of additional annuity.
41.32.380Source of pension reserveContributions.
41.32.390Contributions for prior service credits.
41.32.470Eligibility for retirement allowance.
41.32.480Qualifications for retirement.
41.32.483Annual increase amountLegislature's rights reservedNo additional increases after June 30, 2011.
41.32.485Minimum retirement allowanceCost-of-living adjustmentPost-retirement adjustmentComputation.
41.32.4851Minimum retirement allowanceAnnual adjustmentPersons who become beneficiaries after June 30, 1995.
41.32.4872Permanent increase for specified beneficiaries age seventy or over.
41.32.489Retirement allowanceAnnual increases restricted after July 1, 2010Eligibility.
41.32.4931Additional special pension for former members not receiving social security.
41.32.4945Limitation as to earnable compensation of member as member of the legislature.
41.32.497Retirement allowance for members entering system before April 25, 1973Election.
41.32.498Retirement allowance for members entering system after April 25, 1973, or in lieu of allowance under RCW 41.32.497.
41.32.4986Members with thirty years of serviceIrrevocable election.
41.32.4991Permanent retirement allowance adjustment.
41.32.4992Monthly benefit increase.
41.32.500Termination of membership.
41.32.510Payment on withdrawalReentry.
41.32.520Payment on death before retirement or within sixty days following application for disability retirementMilitary service.
41.32.522Death benefits.
41.32.523Death benefitsMembers not qualified for benefits under RCW 41.32.522 and retired former members.
41.32.530Options availableRetirement allowance adjustmentCourt-approved property settlement.
41.32.540Disability allowanceTemporary.
41.32.550Options and allowances on report that disability will be permanentReexamination.
41.32.555Persons with annual half-time contractsEligibility for benefits under RCW 41.32.550.
41.32.570Postretirement employmentReduction or suspension of pension payments.
41.32.581End of participation in judicial retirement account planNewly elected or appointed judges.
41.32.584Additional benefit for justices or judgesOne-time irrevocable election.
41.32.587Justices or judges retirement allowanceIn lieu of RCW 41.32.498.
"PLAN 2"
41.32.755Provisions applicable to plan 2.
41.32.760Computation of the retirement allowance.
41.32.762Lump sum retirement allowanceReentryConditions for reinstatement of service.
41.32.765Retirement for service.
41.32.768Member with terminal illnessRemoval from system.
41.32.770Post-retirement cost-of-living.
41.32.780Teachers required to be members.
41.32.785Options for payment of retirement allowancesRetirement allowance adjustmentCourt-approved property settlement.
41.32.790Earned disability allowanceEligibilityDisposition upon death of recipient.
41.32.795Application for and effective date of retirement allowances.
41.32.800Suspension of retirement allowance upon reemployment or if covered by a plan under RCW 28B.10.400Reinstatement.
41.32.802Reduction of retirement allowance upon reemployment or if covered by a plan under RCW 28B.10.400Reestablishment of membership.
41.32.805Death benefits.
41.32.810Service credit for paid leave of absence, officers of labor organizations, unpaid leave of absence, military service.
41.32.812Service credit for half-time employment from October 1, 1977, through December 31, 1986.
41.32.813One-time purchase of service creditConditionsPaymentRules.
41.32.815Vested membership.
41.32.817Transfer to plan 3Irrevocable option.
41.32.818Public employees' retirement system members who previously declined membership in the teachers' retirement systemTransfer to plan 3Irrevocable option.
41.32.820Refund of contributions on termination.
"PLAN 3"
41.32.831Provisions applicable to plan 3Plan 3 elements.
41.32.835Choice of membership in plan 2 or plan 3.
41.32.836Higher education facultyOption to transfer to plan 3Limitation on supplemental benefits under RCW 28B.10.400.
41.32.837Right to waive benefitIrrevocable choice.
41.32.840Computation of the retirement allowance.
41.32.8401Additional payment.
41.32.845Postretirement cost-of-living allowance.
41.32.851Options for payment of retirement allowancesCourt-approved property settlement.
41.32.855Application for and effective date of retirement allowances.
41.32.860Suspension of retirement allowance upon reemployment or if covered by a plan under RCW 28B.10.400Reinstatement.
41.32.862Reduction of retirement allowance upon reemployment or if covered by a plan under RCW 28B.10.400Reestablishment of membership.
41.32.865Service credit for paid leave of absence, officers of labor organizations, unpaid leave of absence, military service.
41.32.867Purchased service creditAllocation.
41.32.868One-time purchase of service creditConditionsPaymentRules.
41.32.870Lump sum paymentsReentry.
41.32.875Retirement eligibility.
41.32.878Member with terminal illnessRemoval from system.
41.32.880Earned disability allowanceEligibilityDisposition upon death of recipient.
41.32.892Restored, purchased service credit under plan 2Transfer to plan 3.
41.32.895Death benefits.


Numerical designations1998 c 341: See note following chapter 41.26 RCW digest.
Prior acts relating to teachers' retirement: (1) 1943 c 116; 1941 c 97; 1939 c 86, 40; 1937 c 221 (repealed by 1947 c 80 § 70).
(2) 1931 c 115; 1923 c 187; 1919 c 150; 1917 c 163 (repealed by 1937 c 221 § 14).
Employee salary or compensationLimitations respecting: RCW 28A.400.220.
Portability of public retirement benefits: Chapter 41.54 RCW.
Teachers in state correctional facilities as members of teachers' retirement fund: RCW 72.01.200.