Chapter 16.24 RCW



HTMLPDF 16.24.010Restricted areasRange areas.
HTMLPDF 16.24.020HearingNotice.
HTMLPDF 16.24.030Order establishing areaPublication.
HTMLPDF 16.24.040Penalty.
HTMLPDF 16.24.050Change of boundaries.
HTMLPDF 16.24.060Road signs in range areas.
HTMLPDF 16.24.065Stock at large in restricted areasRunning at large on state or federal land.
HTMLPDF 16.24.070Stock on highway right-of-wayLimitations.
HTMLPDF 16.24.090Animals at largeLimitationsDefense.
HTMLPDF 16.24.100ProsecutionProof of ownership.
HTMLPDF 16.24.110Public nuisanceImpounding.
HTMLPDF 16.24.120ImpoundingProcedure.
HTMLPDF 16.24.130ImpoundingNoticeCopy to owner.
HTMLPDF 16.24.140ImpoundingOwner to pay costs.
HTMLPDF 16.24.150Sale of impounded animalRetroactive effect.
HTMLPDF 16.24.160Conduct of saleDisposition of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 16.24.170Purchase of animal, restrictions.
HTMLPDF 16.24.180Castration or gelding of stock at large.
HTMLPDF 16.24.190Bull breed restrictions.
HTMLPDF 16.24.200Bull ratio restrictions.
HTMLPDF 16.24.210Bull breed and ratio restrictions not applicable to counties west of Cascades.
HTMLPDF 16.24.220Separating estrays from herd.
HTMLPDF 16.24.230Moving another's livestock from range.