Chapter 15.36 RCW



HTMLPDF 15.36.002Intent.
HTMLPDF 15.36.012Definitions.
HTMLPDF 15.36.021Milk and milk productsRule-making authorityGrade A pasteurized and raw milkGrade C milk and milk products.
HTMLPDF 15.36.025Application of chapter 34.05 RCW.
HTMLPDF 15.36.041Milk producer's license.
HTMLPDF 15.36.051Milk processing plant licenseFee waiver.
HTMLPDF 15.36.071Milk hauler's licenseEndorsements.
HTMLPDF 15.36.081Dairy technician's licenseApplicationRenewalFees.
HTMLPDF 15.36.091Dairy technician's licenseRecordsInspection of.
HTMLPDF 15.36.101Milk wash station license.
HTMLPDF 15.36.111Inspection of dairy farms and milk processing plantsViolationsDirector's access.
HTMLPDF 15.36.131Sale of out-of-state grade A milk and milk products.
HTMLPDF 15.36.141Grading of milk and milk products.
HTMLPDF 15.36.151Unlawful to sell, offer for sale, or deliver certain productsDiseased animalsColostrumExceptions.
HTMLPDF 15.36.161Cows, goats, and other mammalsAnimal health requirements.
HTMLPDF 15.36.171Grades of milk and milk products that may be sold.
HTMLPDF 15.36.181Sale of adulterated or misbranded milk or milk products prohibitedPossession restricted.
HTMLPDF 15.36.191Milk or milk product analysisReport of violative results.
HTMLPDF 15.36.201Examination of milk and milk productsViolationsDirector's optionsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 15.36.206Source of milk and milk productsSeller's disclosure.
HTMLPDF 15.36.221Grade A raw milkCooling.
HTMLPDF 15.36.231Raw milk or milk productsBottling and cappingPackagingLabeling.
HTMLPDF 15.36.241Capping of milk or milk products.
HTMLPDF 15.36.261Butter or cheesePasteurization of milk or cream.
HTMLPDF 15.36.271"Pasteurized"Use of word regulated.
HTMLPDF 15.36.281Unlawful use of containersSeizure authorized.
HTMLPDF 15.36.401LicensesDenial, suspension, revocationReasons.
HTMLPDF 15.36.412Issuance of cease and desist order.
HTMLPDF 15.36.421Milk processing plant or producerLicense suspension.
HTMLPDF 15.36.451Regrading of milk or milk productsReinstatement of license.
HTMLPDF 15.36.454Failure to comply with chapter or rulesCivil penalties.
HTMLPDF 15.36.455ViolationsNotice, orders, damages.
HTMLPDF 15.36.473Failure to comply with chapter or rulesCriminal penalties.
HTMLPDF 15.36.475Laboratory testsAdmission as evidence.
HTMLPDF 15.36.481Violations may be enjoined.
HTMLPDF 15.36.491LicensesMoney deposited in the agricultural local fund.
HTMLPDF 15.36.511Unlawful actions.
HTMLPDF 15.36.525Sanitary certificatesRulesFee for issuance.
HTMLPDF 15.36.531Declaration of police power.
HTMLPDF 15.36.541Chapter cumulative.
HTMLPDF 15.36.551Dairy inspection programAssessment.
HTMLPDF 15.36.561Dairy inspection programAdvisory committeePurposeTerms.
HTMLPDF 15.36.571Department authorized to assess inspection fee on certain manufacturing facilities.