Page Application for 2024

To submit an application to participate in the House or Senate Page program, please fill out the following form.

  • A parent or guardian must give permission for you to participate.
  • You must be a minimum 14 years old and not have reached your 17th birthday at the time you page.
  • The recommendation of a teacher and principal of the school you attend is required. We will contact them by email so you will need those to complete the form. For homeschool students, parent or guardian information may be used.
  • You may page only one time in the House or Senate.
Student Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Please provide name and contact information for at least one parent or guardian.

Home Address

Mailing Address
Please verify your mailing address.

School Information
Are you a homeschool student?

Please provide the name and email addresses of a teacher and principal of the school you attend. We will contact them to obtain their recommendations you need to participate.

Paging Information
Have you paged before?
The senator or representative for whom you would like to page:
None found
This is based on the home address you provided above. If you do not see any choices or they are not the sponsors you were expecting, please confirm that it is complete and accurate.

Weeks you cannot page
Weeks you cannot page (school activities, sports, family obligations, etc).
By submitting this application you are confirming your availability to serve as a Page on the selected dates. Any dates marked as unavailable will not be considered during the scheduling process. Due to the competitive nature of the House and Senate Page Programs, we may be unable to accommodate requests to reschedule.

Will you require housing?
Do you need financial assistance or would like to receive information about scholarships?

Declarations and Permission

You must have your parent/guardian fill out this part of the form: