Topical Index

Breast milk, expressing, employer accommodation of: HB 1930, * SHB 1930, CH 134 (2019), HB 2266, SB 5911
Clark, Regina, petty officer, naming SR-507 bridge as Regina Clark memorial bridge: HJM 4007, * SHJM 4007 (2019)
Computer science grant program, middle-school, establishing: HB 2509
Contraception, reproductive health care access for all act: HB 1612, SB 5602, SSB 5602, * 2SSB 5602, CH 399 (2019)
Corporate boards, female directors on, requirements: SB 5142, SB 6037
Corporate boards, members self-identifying as women on, requiring: SB 6037
Correctional system, women's specific programs and related matters, studying: SSB 5876
Corrections, department of, gender-responsive and trauma-informed work group, establishing: SSB 5876
Corrections, department of, permanent women's division within, creating: SB 5876
Crime victim's gender, defenses based on, limiting: HB 1687
Diversity, equity, and inclusion act, Washington state: SI 1000, HI 1000
Engle, Helen, life and work of, recognizing and honoring: * HR 4628 (2019)
Equal rights amendment, federal, passage in 1972, acknowledging anniversary of: * SR 8631 (2019)
Female genital mutilation, performing on a minor, class B felony: HB 2000
Female genital mutilation, performing, as unprofessional conduct, when: HB 2000, SB 5257
Feminine hygiene products, in public school bathrooms, providing: SB 6073
Feminine hygiene products, sales and use tax exemptions: HB 1053, SB 5147, SB 5206
Girl scouts, honoring girl scout movement: * HR 4625 (2019)
Hospitals, access to care policies for reproductive health care: HB 1686, SHB 1686, * 2SSB 5602, CH 399 (2019)
Huerta, Dolores, April 10 as Dolores Huerta day: * HB 1906, CH 10 (2019), SB 5868
Indecent exposure, by biological male or female in other-sex restroom: HB 2088
Indigenous, missing and murdered, liaisons and protocol, establishing: SHB 1713, * 2SHB 1713, CH 127 (2019)
Mastectomies, contralateral prophylactic, insurance coverage: HB 1968, SB 5345
Menstrual hygiene products, in public school bathrooms, providing: SB 6073
Military spouse status, prohibiting discrimination based on: HB 1812
Native American, missing and murdered, liaisons and task force, establishing: HB 1713
O'Loughlin, Dorothy, volunteer, honoring: * SR 8610 (2019)
Parents with minor children, sentencing alternative to total confinement: SB 5291, SSB 5291, E2SSB 5291
Pelvic examinations, by health care providers, informed consent: SB 5282
Political parties, state committees, opposite-sex members requirement, removing: HB 1190
Postpartum persons, medicaid coverage for, extending: HB 2381, SB 6128
Postpartum persons, medicaid pregnancy coverage to include: SB 6106
Pregnancy discrimination, as employer unfair practice, complaint deadline: SB 6034
Pregnancy, complications care by provider, prohibiting care entity prohibitions: HB 2561
Pregnant women, medicaid for, when: HB 1186
Prentice, Margarita, former state senator, honoring the life of: * SR 8651 (2019)
Public office, women in, supporting by celebrating women in public office day: * HR 4624 (2019)
Reproductive health care access for all act: HB 1612, SB 5602, SSB 5602, * 2SSB 5602, CH 399 (2019)
Saini, Shree, recognizing and commending: * SR 8622 (2019)
Samuelson, Joan Benoit, renaming Olympia's Marathon Park after: SCR 8403
School athletics, male students competing with female students, prohibiting: HB 2201
Sex, freedom from discrimination based on, state's commitment to, reaffirming: * SR 8631 (2019)
Sharon Park, Sister, honoring for community service: * HR 4636 (2019)
Simpson, Fredi, state's republican national committeewoman, recognizing: * SR 8609 (2019)
Veterans, women veterans special license plates, creating: HB 2187
Women In Cloud initiative, recognizing: SR 8602
Women on corporate boards act: SB 6037
Women, infant, and children farmers market nutrition program, fruit/vegetable benefit: HB 1587, HB 2262, SB 5583, SB 6309
Women, infant, and children program, EBT card use in ATM, where and when: SB 6136
Women, maternal mortality reviews and data-sharing: HB 1369, SB 5425, * SSB 5425, CH 317 (2019)