Topical Index

Actions, significant agency, DNR scientific information sources: SB 5241
Aquatic lands, tidelands/shorelands, leasing and re-leasing of: * ESHB 1849, CH 131 (2019)
Aquatic lands, tidelands/shorelands, leasing, re-leasing, and platting of: HB 1849, SB 5852
Board of natural resources, marbled murrelet conservation role of: HB 1546, SHB 1546, SB 5547, SSB 5547
Carbon sequestration advisory group, forming, DNR role: HB 2047, SHB 2047, 2SHB 2047
Dredged material management program office, role of: HB 1480, * SHB 1480, CH 225 (2019)
Enforcement actions, DNR burden of proof: SB 6227
Forest health advisory committee, role of: HB 2413
Infrastructure development, mitigation hierarchy/net ecological gain applied to: HB 2550
Land acquisitions by DNR, restrictions: HB 1288, SB 5102
Lands, agricultural/grazing, compensating lessee for nondefault/early termination: HB 2498
Lands, DNR, leasing of, lessee consent before early termination: HB 1964
Lands, DNR, pollinator habitat: SB 5552, * SSB 5552, CH 353 (2019)
Lands, DNR, sign when closed to public access or recreation: HB 2138
Lands, forest riparian easements recommended by DNR, legislature to fund: HB 2368
Lands, natural and working, carbon sequestration/storage capabilities, DNR role: HB 2047, SHB 2047, 2SHB 2047
Marbled murrelet advisory committee, advance notice of meetings of: HB 2506
Marbled murrelet, long-term conservation strategies, DNR role: HB 1546, SB 5547
Marbled murrelet, long-term conservation strategies, DNR role and impact review: SHB 1546, SSB 5547
Natural area preserve, property acquisitions for: HB 1287, SB 5103
Natural resources conservation areas, property acquisitions for: HB 1287, SB 5103
Rangeland fire protection associations, DNR agreements with: HB 1188, SHB 1188
Regulatory compliance, technical assistance, enforcement, and training: HB 2330
Roads, on DNR land, when exclusive access to private property: SB 5368
Rule making, significant legislative rules, scientific information, DNR role: SB 5241
Shooting, recreational target, on DNR-managed lands: SB 5099, SSB 5099
Utility wildland fire prevention task force, convening: HB 1334, SHB 1334, SB 5305, * SSB 5305, CH 77 (2019)
Wildfires, 2014 Carlton complex/2015 Okanogan complex fires, studying: HB 1941
Wildfires, 2018 season, appropriations from budget stabilization account for: HB 2159, * SHB 2159, CH 418 (2019), SB 6009, SSB 6009
Wildland fire advisory committee, role of: HB 2413