Topical Index

Administrative rules review committee, joint, certain agencies, review frequency: HB 2330
Advanced tuition payment committee, legislative advisory committee to, repealing: HB 2402, SB 6468
Agencies, legislative, public records disclosure by: SB 5784
Agency rule making, role of legislature: HB 1052, HB 2628, SB 6044, SB 6315
Art and exhibits, display in legislative buildings, program for: SB 5869
B&O tax rates, increase or differential, two-thirds majorities or voter approval: SJR 8210
Bills, memorials, and resolutions from 2019 regular session, returning to house of origin: * SCR 8409 (2019)
Bills, memorials, and resolutions, reintroduction for 2020 regular session: * HCR 4402 (2020)
Bills, public hearings and legislative votes, required notice and availability: HB 2190
Bills, reports/analyses to indicate agency rule-making authorization by: HB 2628, SB 6044
Bills, tax or fee increases and preferences in, cost/savings determination: HB 2333
Bills, title- or intent-only, prohibiting introduction or amendment of: HB 2190
Bills, title-only, prohibiting introduction of: SB 6042
Bills, title-only, prohibiting, constitutional amendment for: SJR 8214
Bills, to regulate/implement new professional licenses, sunrise review process: HB 2477
Bills/other legislation, cutoff dates: * SCR 8400 (2019), SCR 8411
Bills/other legislation, cutoff dates, exempting K-12 funding legislation from: ESCR 8405
Budget office, legislative, and budget director appointment committee, creating: HB 2225
Chopp, Frank, speaker of house of representatives, recognizing and honoring: * HR 4641 (2019)
Code of conduct for legislature: * HCR 4401 (2019)
Code of conduct for legislature, training course for lobbyists based on: * SSB 5861, CH 469 (2019)
Committees, selected, repealing, amending. or creating: HB 2402
Dairy day at the legislature, recognizing: * SR 8605 (2019)
Deceased former members, joint session to honor: * SCR 8404 (2019)
Early achievers program, joint select committee on, recommendations of: HB 1391, SHB 1391, * E2SHB 1391, CH 369 (2019) PV, SB 5484, SSB 5484, 2SSB 5484
Easements, forest riparian, recommended by DNR, legislature to fund: HB 2368
Education accountability system oversight committee, repealing: HB 2402
Employees of legislative branch, harassment or discrimination, unlawful: HB 2018
Employees of legislative branch, harassment, as ethics violation: * ESHB 2018, CH 383 (2019)
Employees of legislative branch, permanent, collective bargaining rights: HB 1452, SHB 1452, SB 5691
Eyewitness evidence, maximizing reliability, work group: HB 1970, SB 5714, * SSB 5714, CH 359 (2019)
Federal government, state agency agreements with, reporting to legislature: HB 1613
Fee increases, requiring simple majority: HJR 4206
Firearms, bills pertaining to, training for legislators introducing: SB 5172
Fiscal analysis, creating legislative budget office to oversee: HB 2225
Fiscal analysis, work group concerning nonpartisan agency for: SB 5636
Fiscal analysis, work group concerning nonpartisan fiscal and program information: HB 2151
Fiscal impact, dynamic fiscal impact statements, instituting: HB 2151, SB 5636
Fiscal legislation, veto of, impact on balanced operating budget: HB 2090
Fiscal notes, creating legislative budget office to prepare: HB 2225
Fiscal notes, various provisions: HB 2151, SB 5636
Gift center, craft distillery and microbrewery product sales: SB 5059, SSB 5059
Gubernatorial appointments, background check information for, providing: SB 5968
Health care oversight, joint select committee, health security trust role: HB 1104
House business during interim, conducting: * HR 4642 (2019)
House districts, two within each senate district, creating: SB 6197
House organized, notification of governor: * HR 4601 (2019), * HR 4644 (2020)
House rules, permanent: * HR 4607 (2019), * HR 4646 (2020)
House rules, temporary: * HR 4600 (2019)
House, chief clerk, public records duties: * HR 4646 (2020)
House, remote testimony pilot program, options/recommendations, requesting: * HR 4621 (2019)
House, standing committees, number of members: * HR 4646 (2020)
Informant information or testimony, evaluating reliability of, work group: HB 1970, SB 5714
Informant testimony, reliability of, work group: * SSB 5714, CH 359 (2019)
Joint session, address by British Columbia premier John Horgan: * SCR 8402 (2019)
Joint session, state of state message: * HCR 4400 (2019), * HCR 4403 (2020)
Joint session, state of the judiciary message: * SCR 8401 (2019)
Legislative entities, defined for public records disclosure purposes: HB 2466
Legislators, campaign contribution restrictions, when: HB 2530, SB 5270, SSB 5270
Legislators, harassment or discrimination, unlawful: HB 2018
Legislators, harassment, as ethics violation: * ESHB 2018, CH 383 (2019)
Legislators, high school assessments completion by: HB 1478
Legislators, non-legislative employment of, leave of absence from: ESB 5294
Legislators, terms of, extending length and staggering: HB 2249
Legislators, terms of, extending length and staggering, constitutional amendment: HJR 4209
Lobbyists, legislative code of conduct training course for, requirements: * SSB 5861, CH 469 (2019)
Lobbyists, Sister Sharon Park, honoring: * HR 4636 (2019)
Monument, global war on terror, service members who died in, work group: SB 5712
Occupational boards, standing committees to review regulations: HB 1770
Oral history committee, legislative, staff support for: HB 2402
Payne, Greg, chief clerk's office, house of representatives, recognizing: * HR 4639 (2019)
Pesticide application safety committee, establishing: HB 1725, SHB 1725, 2SHB 1725, SB 5550, * SSB 5550, CH 327 (2019)
Prentice, Margarita, former state senator, honoring the life of: * SR 8651 (2019)
Professional licensing, bills to regulate/implement, sunrise review process: HB 2477
Public records officers, house chief clerk and senate secretary to be: HB 2105, HB 2115, HB 2466, SB 5784
Public records, legislative transparency act: HB 2105
Public records, legislators and legislative agencies, disclosure of, when: HB 2115, HB 2466
Rule making, department of ecology policies, legislative ratification: SB 6315
Salmon committee, joint legislative, establishing: HB 2552
Senate business during interim, conducting: * SR 8655 (2019)
Senate districts, two house districts within each, creating: SB 6197
Senate organized, notification of governor: * SR 8600 (2019), * SR 8656 (2020)
Senate rules, permanent: * ESR 8601 (2019), * SR 8657 (2020), * SR 8659 (2020)
Senate, committee or subcommittee hearing before second reading: * SR 8659 (2020)
Senate, standing committees, members and additional rules: * SR 8657 (2020)
Session, 2019 regular, adjourning SINE DIE: * SCR 8410 (2019)
Session, house business during interim: * HR 4642 (2019)
Session, regular, excluding public holidays from: SJR 8203
Session, senate business during interim, conducting: * SR 8655 (2019)
Sexual harassment, state employee claims data, reporting of: SB 5845
Small forest landowners, legislative work group, creating: HB 1273, SB 5330
Spending programs, bills enacting new statutory state, spending performance statements in: HB 2150
Staff members, financial affairs statement filing, legislative ethics board role: HB 2397
Staff members, financial affairs statements, posting online, prohibition: HB 2397, HB 2398
Standing committees, permanent senate rules: * ESR 8601 (2019)
Standing committees, temporary house rules: * HR 4600 (2019)
Systems administrative committee, joint legislative, amending provisions: HB 2402
Systems committee, joint legislative, repealing: HB 2402
Task force, joint, on availability of crop insurance for hemp producers, establishing: HB 1401, SB 5719
Task force, joint, on criminal sentencing, establishing: HB 1495, SHB 1495
Task force, joint, on improving institutional education programs and outcomes: HB 2116
Task force, joint, on industrial insurance choice and competition, establishing: HB 2025
Task force, joint, on motion picture competitiveness program: SB 5943
Task force, joint, on problem gambling, creating: HB 1880, ESHB 1880, SB 5818
Task force, joint, on residential habilitation center clients plan/report, creating: HB 2572, SB 6419
Task force, joint, on sexual assault forensic examination best practices: HB 1166
Task force, joint, on Title IX protections and compliance, establishing: HB 1998
Task force, on commemorating George Washington Bush through art, establishing: HB 2134
Task force, on community and technical college counselors: * ESHB 1355, CH 113 (2019)
Task force, on facial recognition services, establishing: SB 6280
Task force, on functional recovery of buildings after earthquakes: SSB 5247, SB 5557, SSB 5557
Task force, on missing and murdered Native American women, establishing: HB 1713
Task force, on state revenue reform, creating: SB 5541
Task force, on Title IX protections and compliance, establishing: ESHB 1998
Task force, to create Washington state office of equity operations plan: HB 1783, SHB 1783, 2SHB 1783, SB 5776
Tax increase legislation, two-thirds majority for approval: HJR 4206
Technology committees, fostering space economy public policy study role of: HB 2596
Testimony, false, by state officers and employees to legislature: HB 1030
Trade policy, joint legislative oversight committee on, eliminating: HB 1279, HB 2402
Transportation committee, joint, evaluating transferred funds' impact: SB 5978
Transportation committee, joint, rail safety governance, consultant study on: HB 2287
Transportation committee, joint, studying public agency switch to electric vehicles: SHB 1832
Transportation committee, joint, studying Washington-Oregon bridge options: HB 1835
Transportation committee, joint, transition to low-carbon transportation network: HB 2042
Transportation committees, megaproject reporting by DOT to: HB 1321
Water resource policy, joint work group on, establishing for action plan: HB 2553
Workforce education investment accountability and oversight board, legislative, establishing: HB 2158
Youth advisory council, legislative, transferring to lieutenant governor's office: SB 6487