Topical Index

Arts and crafts activities, not a gaming activity for liquor license purposes: HB 1676
Contests of chance, B&O tax rate, increasing, when: HB 1343, SB 5129
Enforcement of gambling laws, using forfeited money laundering proceeds for: HB 2280, SB 6119
Fund-raising contest of chance, prize or purchase in, use tax exemption: HB 1808, SHB 1808, SB 6312, SB 6390
Licenses, nonprofit corporations, when religious or scientific: HB 2281, SB 6120
Licenses, nonprofit or charitable organizations, exemption for, when: SB 5595
Problem gambling account, shared game lottery revenue transfer to: HB 1387
Problem gambling, joint legislative task force on, creating: HB 1880, ESHB 1880, SB 5818
Problem or disorder, self-exclusion program for persons with, establishing: HB 1302, * SHB 1302, CH 213 (2019), SB 5416, SSB 5416
Punchboards and pull-tabs, dollar limit of, raising: HB 2492, SB 6357
Sporting events, wagering on, at card rooms, racetracks, and tribal casinos: HB 2478, SB 6277
Sporting events, wagering on, via sports pools and online sports pools: HB 2478, SB 6277
Sports pools, maximum contestant amount and number of boards: HB 2216, HB 2219
Sports wagering, on horse races, authority and requirements: HB 1992
Sports wagering, operation by tribal casinos, authorizing: HB 1975, HB 2638, SB 6394
Sports wagering, operation by tribal casinos, role of internet: HB 2638, SB 6394