Topical Index

Adult entertainment, entertainer safety and advisory committee: * EHB 1756, CH 304 (2019), SB 5724
Adult entertainment, entertainers not employed by establishment, requirements: SB 6517
Agricultural employees, protections and farm labor contractor requirements: SB 6261, ESSB 6261
Agricultural workers, H-2A, temporary foreign grower-employed employees as: HB 1398, SB 5438, SSB 5438, * E2SSB 5438, CH 441 (2019)
Airports, minimum labor standards: SHB 2715, ESSB 6217
Airports/air navigation facilities, minimum labor standards: HB 2715, SB 6217
Breast milk, expressing, employer accommodation of: HB 1930, * SHB 1930, CH 134 (2019), HB 2266, SB 5911
Care workers, care worker research and resource center, creating: HB 1851
Discharge of employee by employer, written statement of reason and date: SB 6233
Domestic workers rights grant program, establishing: HB 2511, SB 6247
Domestic workers, domestic worker protection act: SHB 2511, 2SHB 2511
Domestic workers, wages and working conditions, minimum standards for: HB 2511, SHB 2511, 2SHB 2511, SB 6247
Domestic workers, work group on, forming: HB 2511, SHB 2511, 2SHB 2511, SB 6247
Employee classification, work group on, establishing: SHB 1515
Employees, employee fair classification act, creating: HB 1515, HB 1601, SB 5513, SB 5690
Employer debt owed to deceased employee, payment of: * SB 5831, CH 89 (2019)
Employer-employee relationship, under wage and compensation laws: HB 1515, HB 1601, SB 5513, SB 5690
Employment agencies or directories, fee charged by, prohibiting: SB 5171
Employment agencies or directories, regulating: SB 5171
Employment positions, creation of, B&O tax credits: HB 1566, SB 5215
Family and medical leave, paid, and family resource/referral/linkage system: SB 6467
Family and medical leave, paid, applying provisions to excess compensation tax: SB 6017
Family and medical leave, paid, various provisions: HB 1399, * SHB 1399, CH 13 (2019), HB 1400, HB 2191, HB 2614, SHB 2614, * ESB 5439, CH 81 (2019), SB 5449, SSB 5449, SB 5539, SB 6349, SSB 6349
Farm labor contractors, licenses and adverse action prohibition: SB 6261, ESSB 6261
Fossil fuel industry worker assistance, when: SB 5981
Franchises, franchisor/franchisee relationship: HB 1757
Freelancers, payment of wages to: SB 6276
Harassment, discrimination, and retaliation prevention, trainers on, qualifying of: SB 6169, SSB 6169
Harassment, of complaining employee in unfair practices investigations: * EHB 2020, CH 349 (2019), SB 5929
Hard-to-place job seekers, tax credit incentives for employers who hire: SB 6564
Health care settings, workplace violence protections: HB 1931, * SHB 1931, CH 430 (2019), SB 5912
Independent personal labor contractors, persons under, minimum wages for: SB 5987
Interviews, artificial intelligence video interview act, employer requirements: HB 2401, SHB 2401
Isolated workers, sexual harassment and assault of, employer prevention role: HB 1728, SB 5258, * ESSB 5258, CH 392 (2019)
Legislators, non-legislative employment of, leave of absence from: ESB 5294
Marijuana, medical use, when employer required to have drug-free workplace: HB 2740
Marijuana, screening tests/results for prospective or newly hired employees: HB 2740
Medical assistance, employer assessment for employees receiving: HB 1518
Military spouses, employment of, demonstration campaign to increase: HB 2730
Military spouses, employment of, statewide plan for increasing: SHB 2730
Military spouses, employment of, termination of employment contract: HB 2730, SHB 2730
Military spouses, employment opportunities through recruitment program: HB 1328, SHB 1328, SB 5772
Noncompetition covenants, enforceable or unenforceable, when: HB 1450, * ESHB 1450, CH 299 (2019), SB 5478, ESSB 5478, SB 6081, SSB 6081
Nonemployee workers, benefit providers and portable benefits: SB 5690
Nonemployee workers, wage boards for, convening: HB 1601
Nonemployee workers, workers' boards for, convening: SB 5690
Off-duty conduct of employee, employer actions due to: SB 5226
Off-duty conduct of employee, lawful substance use, employer actions due to: SB 5807
Overtime, voluntary classification as overtime-exempt, certain employees: SB 6548
Parking cash out programs, for employees with parking subsidy, requirements: HB 2748
Payroll expense tax, on businesses in King county, imposing, when: HB 2907, SB 6669
Personnel file, complete copy of, employer to furnish at employee's request: SB 6233
Positions, wage scale or salary range, employer to provide: HB 1696, * ESHB 1696, CH 345 (2019)
Positions, wages, or hours, city/town imposing tax based on, prohibiting: SB 5589
Prospective employee, wage or salary history, employer inquiries: HB 1696, * ESHB 1696, CH 345 (2019), SB 5090, SSB 5090
Public assistance, employers with the most employees receiving, report: SB 6310
Railroad workers, safe leave act and account: HB 1843, SB 5879
Sales commissions, earned by sales representative, payment of: HB 2474
Sexual discrimination, in workplace, prevention measures: HB 1728, SB 5258, * ESSB 5258, CH 392 (2019)
Temporary workers, staffing agencies assigning, duties of: SB 6122
Threat of mass violence, at workplace, communicating a: SB 6307
Vehicles of employees, employer searches of, prohibitions: HB 2107, HB 2239, SHB 2239, SB 6177
Working families' tax credit, converting sales tax exemption to: HB 1527, SB 5810
Workweek, thirty-two-hour, time-and-a-half compensation beyond: SB 6516