Topical Index

Adult entertainment establishments, sexually oriented live, admission fee: HB 1109
Alaskan Way viaduct project, cost overruns, Seattle taxing authority to pay for: HB 2193
Assessments and refunds, interest rate on under- and over-payments, modifying: HB 1549, SB 5112
Bags, plastic shopping, supplied by retailer, tax: SB 5415
Beverages, carbonated, imposing tax on: SB 6609
Beverages, sugar-sweetened and diet, imposing tax on distributor sales, when: HB 1975
Capital budget, certain excise tax revenues for, restoring: HB 1608
Capital gains tax, imposing, including related tax preferences: HB 1730, HB 1926, HB 2186, SHB 2186, HB 2967, SHB 2967, ESB 5111, SB 5929, SB 5959
Carbon pollution mitigation tax, imposing, including revenues disposition: HB 1646, HB 2230, SB 5509
Carbon pollution tax on fossil fuels and electricity, imposing, when: SB 6096
Carbon pollution tax on fossil fuels, imposing: HB 1555, SB 5127, SB 5385, SB 5930, SB 6203, SSB 6203, 2SSB 6203, SB 6335
Crossfit facilities/classes, charges for, exclusion from "retail sale" of: SB 5937
Definitions, restoring in certain cases: SB 6527
Fairness of excise taxation, improving: HB 2186, SHB 2186, SB 5929
Filing, reducing frequency, when: HB 2351
Forfeiture of certain tax-related property, using proceeds for school funding: HB 2136
High capacity transportation systems, certain taxes for, nullification of: HB 2166, SB 5817
Limited liability entities, recoverable taxes, collection, when: HB 1549, SB 5112
Liquor excise taxes, additional tax on beer, using revenues for access for all trust: SB 5747
Liquor excise taxes, local revenue reduction if marijuana retailers prohibited: HB 1099, SHB 1099
Liquor excise taxes, revenues, distribution to local governments: HB 1113, SHB 1113, SB 5240
Liquor excise taxes, wine sales by winery, exemption: HB 1040, SB 5427
Local infrastructure financing tool program, excess revenues, carrying forward: * HB 2858, CH 178 (2018), SB 6177
Marijuana, excise tax provisions: HB 1667, SHB 1712, HB 2021, HB 2060, HB 2076, HB 2124, SB 6552
Marijuana, excise tax, Alaskan Way viaduct project cost overruns payment via: HB 2193
Marijuana, excluding from agricultural products exemption: HB 2358
Marijuana, hydrocarbon gas-based marijuana-processing solvent, taxing, when: HB 1667
Marijuana, sales of, tribal marijuana tax agreements: SHB 1712
Nexus, for retailing B&O tax, modifying: HB 1549, * EHB 2163, CH 28 (2017), SB 5112
Preferences, generally, repealing majority of state's tax preferences: SB 5775
Preferences, persons claiming, prohibiting contributions to candidates by, when: SB 5865
Recoverable tax liability of businesses, officer/individual liability for, when: HB 2186, SHB 2186, SB 5929
Refunds, interest on, reducing, when: HB 2186, SHB 2186, SB 5929
Regional transit authorities, certain voter-approved taxes within, nullification of: HB 2166, HB 2196, SB 5817, SB 6164, SB 6299
Regional transit authorities, certain voter-approved taxes, for bond retirement only: HB 2197
Remote sellers, retail sales tax collection by, adopting nexus standards to require: SB 5855, SB 5856
Remote sellers, retail sales tax collection by, funding public assistance, when: SB 5856
Sales and use taxes, products, services, and exemptions, reporting: HB 1879
Small businesses, excise tax filing threshold, modifying: HB 1550, HB 2672, ESB 5113
Tax and licensing laws administered by department of revenue, improvements to: SB 5358, * SSB 5358, CH 323 (2017)
Technical corrections, various: SB 6527
Transportation network companies, application of "retail sale" to: HB 2206
Vapor products, tax on, levying and collecting: HB 2165, SHB 2165, 2SHB 2165
Wireless internet-access devices, taxing retail sales of: HB 2389, SHB 2389