Topical Index

B&O tax, local, apportionment task force, department role in establishing: * EHB 2005, CH 209 (2017), SB 5777, ESSB 5777
Business license account, legal entity report filing fee deposits into: HB 2986, HB 2989
Business license account, using some expenditures for department operations: HB 1549, SB 5112
Business licensing, city-DOR partnering for general business licenses: * EHB 2005, CH 209 (2017), SB 5777, ESSB 5777
Business licensing, information commercial purposes disclosure, prohibiting: SB 5358, * SSB 5358, CH 323 (2017)
Employees and contractors of department, background investigations of: SB 5358, * SSB 5358, CH 323 (2017)
Forest land, public, timber availability for harvesting, department estimate, when: SB 5358, * SSB 5358, CH 323 (2017)
Forfeiture of tax-related property, using proceeds for school funding, DOR role: HB 2136
Housing, local investment programs, establishment of, city/county notice to DOR: HB 2046
Legal entity renewals, department as secretary of state's agent for: HB 2781, HB 2929
Preferences, annual surveys and reports, DOR-led work group recommendations: SB 5848
Preferences, business tax incentive firm-specific savings, DOR public disclosure: SB 5848
Preferences, DOR tax exemption report, modifying: SSB 5847, SB 5848
Preferences, new, accuracy in reporting to DOR as prerequisite for claiming: SB 5847, SSB 5847
Preferences, performance review process, improving data collection for, DOR role: SB 5848
Preferences, persons claiming, candidate contribution prohibition notices to, when: SB 5865
Preferences, persons claiming, prohibiting contributions to candidates by, when: SB 5865
Property tax, confidential information, department electronic communication of: SB 5358, * SSB 5358, CH 323 (2017)
Property tax, levy limitations, history and impact of, on DOR web site: SSB 5847
Regional transit authorities, motor vehicle excise tax imposed by, credit, DOR role: EHB 2201
Sales and use taxes, products, services, and exemptions, department to report: HB 1879
Sales suppression devices and phantom-ware, department disposition of, when: SB 5358, * SSB 5358, CH 323 (2017)
Tax and licensing laws administered by department, improvements to: SB 5358, * SSB 5358, CH 323 (2017)
Tax credit/incentive ineligibility, for unfair labor practices, department to determine: HB 1941, SB 5774
Tax expenditure budget, for operating budget purposes, preparation by department: HB 1500, SB 5513
Tax preferences, revenue reduction due to, revising and listing, department role: ESSB 5513
Tax rate, effective, in statements for ballot measures and bills, department role: HB 1981, SHB 1981
Taxes and rates, by taxing district, online searchable database of, DOR role: SB 6590