Topical Index

Beverages, sugar-sweetened, tax on consumption, JLARC to evaluate impact of: HB 1975
Carbon pollution mitigation tax, tax preferences, JLARC review of: HB 2230
Carbon pollution tax program, JLARC reporting requirements: SB 6096
Carbon pollution tax, imposition of, JLARC review of: SB 5930, SB 6335
College and career readiness, new account funding for, JLARC review of use of: HB 2075, SB 5758, SSB 5758
Commercial office space, local tax exemption program for, JLARC to study: E2SHB 1495
Commercial office space, sales/use remittance and property tax reinvestment, JLARC to study: HB 2813, HB 2981, SB 6418
Contracts, "contracting out" assessment and contractor ethical standards, JLARC role: ESHB 1851
Contracts, "contracting out" impact statements and reports, JLARC review of: E2SHB 1851
Corrections, department of, JLARC audit of information technology and records: HB 2184, SB 5294, 2ESSB 5294, SB 5952, ESSB 5952
Counties, core services and functions costs for each, JLARC to study: SB 5752
Electric, retail electric bills, policies and programs affecting, JLARC review of: HB 2814, SHB 2814
Federal funding programs, requiring changes in state statutes, JLARC reporting: SB 5370, SSB 5370
Fire departments, community assistance referral/education services, JLARC review: * E2SHB 1358, CH 273 (2017)
High-speed internet infrastructure, reverse auction program, JLARC evaluation: HB 2312, SHB 2312
Higher education infrastructure investment program, JLARC review: SB 5684
Homelessness, document-recording surcharge use, JLARC to review: * SB 5252, CH 15 (2017)
Main street program, tax credit, JLARC to determine business participation: SSB 5135, 2SSB 5135, * SSB 5977, CH 37 (2017) PV
Main street program, tax credit, JLARC to determine small business participation: HB 1343, HB 2094, SB 5135
Pilotage commissioners, board of, performance audit by JLARC of: SB 5819, ESSB 5819
Public records, AG consultation, archivist training, and local grants, JLARC review: * ESHB 1594, CH 303 (2017)
Public works, small works roster and limited public works, JLARC to review: HB 1897, SHB 1897
Racial and ethnic impact statements concerning legislation, evaluating: ESSB 5588
School meal programs, breakfast after the bell, JLARC to analyze: * 2ESHB 1508, CH 8 (2018), ESB 6003
Spending programs, new statutory, requiring periodic JLARC review: HB 1818
Sustainable building materials incentive program, JLARC to review: HB 2631
Tax expenditures, scheduled, JLARC to report to citizen commission: HB 1500, SB 5513
Tax preferences, citizen commission review process, JLARC role: SB 5847
Tax preferences, regressivity grades for, JLARC reviews to consider: HB 2936
Tax preferences, review process, JLARC role: SSB 5847
Tax preferences, without metrics or accountability standards, JLARC role: SB 5844, SSB 5844
Trust lands, current asset value of, JLARC to develop methods to estimate: SB 6539, SSB 6539, 2SSB 6539
Washington next generation educational savings account pilot program, JLARC to review: HB 1425, SHB 1425
Washington tourism marketing authority, JLARC performance evaluation of: HB 1123, SHB 1123, HB 2924, SB 5251, SSB 5251, 2SSB 5251, 3SSB 5251, * E4SSB 5251, CH 275 (2018)
Water infrastructure program, establishing, JLARC role in evaluating: SB 6588
WorkFirst, extending vocational training time, JLARC to review impact of: HB 1566, SHB 1566, SB 5347, SSB 5347