Topical Index

Ammunition, lead, selling or giving to person under 21, local departments' role: HB 2805
Community health workers, definition: 2SHB 2436
Community health workers, definition and roles of: HB 2436, SHB 2436
Injection sites, safe, ending via requirements and consequences for departments: HB 1761, SB 5223, SSB 5223, SB 6254
Lead, in school drinking water and fixtures, testing for, local departments' role: SB 5745
Naloxone access grant program, establishing, role of local departments: HB 1505
On-site sewage systems, local program plans for, role of local health jurisdictions: EHB 1476
On-site sewage systems, single-property applications, health officer response: HB 2420, ESHB 2420
Opioid overdose medications, K-12 and higher education data, departments' role: HB 2390, SHB 2390, SB 6469
Public health system, delivery of shared services, role of local departments: HB 1432, ESHB 1432, SB 5353
Sewage systems, on-site, department professional inspector requirement, removing: HB 1503, * ESHB 1503, CH 105 (2017)