Topical Index

Aerial imagery needs assessment study for state and local agencies, conducting: HB 2108, SB 5824
Aerospace tax incentive accountability act, preferences and local aerospace jobs: HB 2145, HB 2146
Aircraft, citation for failing to register, deferred prosecution program: SB 6293, SSB 6293
Airlines, business travel awards to state employees, using to benefit veterans: SB 5861
Airlines, overbooking by, airport police removal of passengers due to, prohibiting: HB 2211
Airplanes, operation or control of, allowed alcohol concentration, lowering: HB 1874
Airport aid program, maximum amount for grants: * HB 1018, CH 48 (2017)
Airport police, airplane passenger removal role of, restricting, when: HB 2211
Airport, international, air traffic and air quality at, studying: HB 1171, SHB 1171, SB 5225
Airport, major international, leasehold excise tax credit, when: HB 1864, SB 5768, SSB 5768
Airports, community aviation revitalization board, convening: * SHB 1656 (2018) V
Airports, community aviation revitalization loan oversight task force, creating: EHB 1656
Airports, community aviation revitalization loan program, establishing: EHB 1656
Airports, port district aircraft noise abatement programs, geographic area for: HB 2497, SHB 2497
Airports, public use general aviation airport loan program: * SHB 1656 (2018) V, SB 5328, ESSB 5328, SB 6450
Aviation community, Washington state aviation special license plates, creating: * HB 1400, CH 11 (2017)
Boyington, Gregory "Pappy", U.S. marine corps World War II combat pilot, honoring: * HR 4679 (2018)
Civil air patrol, recognizing the Washington state wing: * SR 8616 (2017)
Commercial and professional aviation loan program for higher education students: HB 3009
Community aviation revitalization board, creating: SB 5328, ESSB 5328, SB 6450
Economic disruption, intent to cause, special allegation of, when: SB 5009
Electric or hybrid-electric aircraft, commercial use: HB 2295, ESHB 2295
Electrically powered aircraft industry, work group concerning: HB 2295, ESHB 2295
Fuel, sales and use tax revenues, deposits into aeronautics account: HB 2754
Fuel, sustainable aviation biofuels work group, reestablishing: SB 6563
Grant county international airport, TRACON facilities at, requesting they be made permanent: HJM 4013, SJM 8013
Orcas, southern resident, required distance for aircraft from: ESSB 5886, SSB 6268, E2SSB 6268
Pesticides, aerial application near school or day care center, notice requirements: SB 6063
Product development for others, aerospace, businesses engaging in, B&O tax rate: HB 2186, SHB 2186, SB 5929
Seaplanes, aquatic invasive species prevention permits for, when: HB 1429, SHB 1429, SB 5303, * ESSB 5303, CH 17 (2017)
Sensing devices, extraordinary, government agency use with aircraft: HB 1102
Spacecraft, R&D by manufacturers, tax credit and deferral, when: HB 1894, SHB 1894, SB 5630, SB 6411
Students, higher education, commercial and professional aviation loan program for: HB 3009
Tax preferences, aerospace, requiring job retention for, requirements: HB 2145, HB 2146
UFOs, Maury Island incident, seventieth anniversary of, acknowledging: * SR 8648 (2017)
Unmanned aerial systems, approaching orca whales: EHB 1031
Unmanned aircraft, contraband delivery via, to sexually violent predators: HB 2363
Unmanned aircraft, operating over critical military infrastructure facilities, prohibiting: SB 6356
Unmanned aircraft, prohibitions and civil actions: HB 1049
Wildfires, aircraft use, premobilization assistance program for local entities to fund: HB 1736, SHB 1736
Worker readjustment program and account, creating for aerospace workers: HB 2146