Topical Index

Advisory votes on tax legislation, constitutional amendment to remove requirement: HJR 4213, SJR 8208, SJR 8212
Advisory votes on tax legislation, repealing: HB 1323, SHB 1323, SB 6185
Advisory votes on tax legislation, repealing if two-thirds majority approval constitutional amendment submitted to voters: SB 6185
Federal taxpayer information, certain agency applicants who will have access to, criminal history checks: HB 2737, SB 6252
Forecasts, economic and revenue, on same date during all legislative sessions: HB 1477, SB 5064
Forecasts, economic and revenue, to include agency savings due to lean and performance management: SB 5279
Harbor maintenance tax, federal, requesting that Congress reform: SJM 8017
Health security trust, repealing certain tax provisions with creation of: HB 1025, SB 5132
Improvements to tax and licensing laws, various: SB 6438, SSB 6438
Improvements to tax code without affecting revenue collections, various: SB 5275, * SSB 5275, CH 86 (2015)
Income tax, constitutional amendment changing state taxation structure and limitations to allow and support: SJR 8207
Income tax, constitutional amendment to allow: SJR 8202, SJR 8214
Income tax, imposing, including multiple excise tax credits and B&O tax reform, for basic education funding: SB 6114
Income tax, imposing, including state sales tax reduction and state property tax elimination: SB 6559
Increases and advisory votes, constitutional amendment concerning: HJR 4213, SJR 8208, SJR 8212
Increases, initiatives to the people imposing tax or fee, ballot title requirements: SB 6174
Increases, tax increase actions, voter approval or certain exceptions for ratification, requiring: SJR 8215
Increases, tax increase legislation, simple majority approval for one-year effective period or two-thirds majority for approval: SB 6604
Increases, tax increase legislation, two-thirds majority for approval: HJR 4206, HJR 4213, HJR 4214, HJR 4215, SJR 8200, SJR 8208, SJR 8209, SJR 8211, SJR 8212, SJR 8216
Initiative 1366, removing fee increases legislative approval from contingency provisions created by: HB 2786
Minimum wage, providing living wage through new rates and tax relief and exemption for certain businesses: SB 6029
Streamlined tax administration and use of preferences for economic development: * ESSB 6057, CH 6 (2015)
Tax division of court of appeals, creating and transferring board of tax appeals to: HB 2111, SB 5449, SSB 5449, 2SSB 5449