Topical Index

Boards, Washington publicly owned trust advisory board and trust organizing committee, creating: SB 5971
Commissions, Washington publicly owned trust commission, creating: SB 5971
Credit of the state, prohibition on loaning of, constitutional amendment to broadly construe: SJR 8217
Cybersecurity incidents, governor authority to declare state of emergency: HB 1468
Debt, state debt guarantee for local government public infrastructure, constitutional amendment to allow: 2ESJR 8204
Debt, state, calculation of working debt, working debt service, and new bond appropriations limits: SB 5981, SSB 5981
Eastern Washington, new state in, petitioning for Congress to consent to formation of: HJM 4006
Elected officials, creating Washington elected officials retirement savings plan: SB 5980
Elected officials, declared leave of absence to be vacancy in office, when: HB 2249
Elected officials, state, authorized leave of absence when charged with felony, PERS service credit: SB 6123
Elected officials, state, voluntary salary reduction: SB 6127
Elected officials, statewide, criminal charges against or investigation of, disclosure of: SB 6108
Elected officials, statewide, political contributions when special legislative session is announced: HB 2250
Expenditures by state, repealing state expenditure limit: HB 2218
Expenditures by state, suspending state expenditure limit to amply fund basic education: * EHB 2267, CH 29 (2015)
Federal agencies, grant or loan from a natural-resource-related agency, requirements: HB 2480, SHB 2480
Federal funding programs, requiring changes in state statutes, committee to report concerning, when: SB 5594
Fiscal agents, state, designation of and contracts with: * HB 2741, CH 105 (2016), SB 6397
Forecasts, economic and revenue, on same date during all legislative sessions: HB 1477, SB 5064
Forecasts, economic and revenue, to include agency savings due to lean and performance management: SB 5279
Heritage center, county auditor document recording surcharge for, increasing: * HB 2195, CH 28 (2015)
Indian affairs, joint summit council on, establishing with legislative-member administrative committee: HB 2032, SHB 2032
Investment authority and options of state government, modifying: HB 2936, SHB 2936, * ESB 6349, CH 152 (2016), SB 6596
Investment pools, external, investment of funds through: HB 1462, SB 5390
Investment trust, Washington, creating: HB 2967, SB 5553
Marijuana, recreational and medical, including production and tribal marijuana tax, tribal-state agreements: * HB 2000, CH 207 (2015)
Marijuana, recreational and medical, including production, tribal-state agreements: SB 5848
Official oppression by public servant, creating crime of, class C felony: HB 2200
Officials, public, signature attestation by secretary of state: * SB 6491, CH 23 (2016) V
Overtime, joint legislative-executive overtime oversight task force, creating: * E2SHB 1725, CH 30 (2016)
People's business, constitutional amendment to ensure right of access to records concerning conduct of: HJR 4208
Private property rights, international law or accords infringing upon, prohibiting policies based on: HB 1584
Publicly owned trust, Washington, creating: SB 5971
Reorganization of state government, amendments to conform statutes with: HB 1055, * SB 5024, CH 225 (2015) PV
Revenue growth, extraordinary, transferring from budget stabilization account to general fund: HB 2223, HB 2268, * EHB 2286, CH 2 (2015)
Safety, making public safety a paramount duty of the state: HJR 4212
Spending programs, new statutory state, requiring expiration date, performance statement, and periodic review: HB 2537, ESB 5944
State of state message, joint legislative session for: * HCR 4400 (2015), * HCR 4414 (2016)
State officers, financial affairs reporting, suspending or modifying, for whom, when: HB 1397, SB 5308, SB 5309, SSB 5309
State preemption and occupation of field of wages and hours: HB 2491
State preemption and occupation of field of wages, hours, employee retention, and leave from employment: SB 6029
Subversive activities, repealing criminal statutes concerning: HB 1040
Taiwan, reaffirming Washington's commitment to a strong relationship with: * SR 8731 (2016)