Topical Index

Applications and permits, requiring consistent and prompt agency decision making: SB 5197, SSB 5197
Applications to agencies, agency decisions concerning, deadline and appeals procedures: HB 1371
Architectural services, contracts for joint agency utilization of: HB 1079, SHB 1079, SB 5348, * SSB 5348, CH 232 (2015)
Art works or artistic designs, public, use of transportation funds for, prohibiting: HB 1326
Audits of agencies, by state auditor, appeals of: HB 2148
Audits of agencies, findings indicating noncompliance with state law, required procedures, when: SB 5206, SSB 5206
Biodiesel fuel, agencies using, revising reporting requirement: * EHB 2883, CH 197 (2016)
Boards and commissions, etc., governor to prioritize gender equality when making appointments to: HB 2736
Boards and commissions, gender composition report and equity standards and requirements for: SB 6517
Boards, advisory, subject to open public meetings act, when: HB 1425
Boards, board of tax appeals, transferring to newly created tax division of court of appeals: HB 2111, SB 5449, SSB 5449, 2SSB 5449
Boards, Washington achieving a better life experience advisory board, establishing: SHB 2063
Boards, Washington achieving a better life experience governing board, establishing: HB 2323, * ESHB 2323, CH 39 (2016), SB 6210, SSB 6210
Boards, Washington family unity act compliance board, governor to appoint: HB 1716, SHB 1716
Boards, Washington investment trust advisory and transition boards, creating: HB 2967, SB 5553
Budget requests by agencies, biennial, document for capital projects, modifying requirements: HB 1532, SB 5562
Budget requests by agencies, biennial, proposed information technology expenditures, requirements: HB 2125
Budget requests by agencies, biennial, zero-based budget review of: HB 2656, SB 6423
Buildings, critical governmental facilities, combined heat and power for energy savings: HB 1095, SHB 1095, * E2SHB 1095, CH 19 (2015)
Capital funds distribution, entities or projects in impacted areas, preferences for: SB 6478
Cell site simulator device, use by state, restrictions: HB 1440, * ESHB 1440, CH 222 (2015)
Civil actions against government, payment of interim attorneys' fees and costs: HB 1205, SB 5370
Commission, Columbia river gorge commission, establishing legislative task force on: HB 1954
Commissions, commission on improving outcomes for students with disabilities, creation and duties: SB 5946
Commissions, commission on improving outcomes for students with special needs, establishing: HB 1947, SHB 1947
Commissions, commission on Indian services, creating: HB 1280
Commissions, fish and wildlife advisory commission, renaming fish and wildlife commission as: SB 5817
Commissions, fish and wildlife commission, renaming and transferring duties to DFW: SB 5817
Commissions, interstate medical licensure compact commission, creating: HB 2452, SHB 2452, SB 6228
Commissions, public records commission, creating: HB 2576, SHB 2576, 2SHB 2576
Commissions, sentencing guidelines commission, colocating with caseload forecast council: 2SSB 5755, SB 6143
Commissions, sentencing guidelines commission, duties, composition, and sunset review and termination provisions: SHB 1885, 2SHB 1885, SSB 5755, 2SSB 5755, SB 6143, SB 6641
Commissions, sentencing guidelines commission, renaming as Washington justice commission: HB 1885, SB 5755
Commissions, Washington intergenerational poverty reduction commission, creating: ESHB 2518
Commissions, Washington intergenerational poverty reform commission, creating: HB 2518
Commissions, Washington investment trust commission, creating: HB 2967, SB 5553
Commissions, Washington state commission on the evaluation of the legislature, establishing: SCR 8402, SSCR 8402
Commissions, Washington water commission, creating: SB 5801
Committees, subject to open public meetings act, when: HB 1425
Cybersecurity blue-ribbon panel, chief information officer to convene, duties: HB 1470, SHB 1470
Cybersecurity incidents, governor authority to declare state of emergency: HB 1468
Cybersecurity, at state agencies, attracting qualified students for, studying methods: HB 2243
Data management by agencies, audits: HB 1008, SHB 1008
Data privacy, protection, and access equity, office of, creating in DES: HB 2875
Data, office of privacy and data protection, creating: * SHB 2875, CH 195 (2016)
Decision making by agencies, deadline and appeals procedures: HB 1371
Education, board of, abolishing in conjunction with creating department of education: HB 2947
Education, department of, creating in conjunction with abolishing OSPI and board of education: HB 2947
Electronic data and metadata, federal agencies collecting, prohibiting agency cooperation with: HB 1473
Electronic signatures and records, broader use of, authorizing: HB 1920, SHB 1920, SB 5810, * ESSB 5810, CH 72 (2015)
Emergencies and disasters, continuity of agency operations during: * HB 1047, CH 61 (2015), SB 5020
Employment of state residents, state employment resident hiring preference act: SB 5235, SSB 5235
Engineering services, contracts for joint agency utilization of: HB 1079, SHB 1079, SB 5348, * SSB 5348, CH 232 (2015)
Entry, in or on premises, by public officials and employees, strictly limiting: HB 1375
Expenditures by agencies, reporting requirements, when: SB 5081, SSB 5081
Federal agencies, grant or loan from a natural-resource-related agency, requirements: HB 2480, SHB 2480
Federal government, state agency agreements with, requiring report to legislature concerning: HB 2205
Fee increases in bills, simple majority for approval, when: HJR 4213, HJR 4215, SJR 8200, SJR 8208, SJR 8211, SJR 8212, SJR 8216
Fee increases in bills, ten-year cost projections by office of financial management, removing requirement for: SB 6186
Fee increases, simple majority vote by legislature, prohibiting approval in omnibus appropriations act: SB 6604
Gifts, including food and beverages, requirements, prohibitions, reporting: HB 1083, HB 1914, SB 5383, SB 5386
Greenhouse gas emissions, requiring direct legislative authorization for agency attempts to reduce: HB 1325
Health security trust, creating: HB 1025, SB 5132, SB 5741
Housing, department of, creation of and transfer of department of commerce housing duties to: SB 6518, SSB 6518
Information systems, state, certain appropriations if breached, constitutional amendment: HJR 4203
Information systems, state, cybersecurity blue-ribbon panel to be convened, duties: HB 1470, SHB 1470
Information systems, state, data classification schedule and encryption standards: HB 1466, SHB 1466, HB 1467
Information systems, state, payment credentials and other information held on data systems, removing: HB 1469, SHB 1469, 2SHB 1469
Information technology employees, COBOL training pilot program: HB 2242
Information technology infrastructure and security, governing body executive sessions concerning: HB 1561
Information technology, at state agencies, attracting qualified students for, studying methods: HB 2243
Interpreters, spoken language services, model for agency purchasing from language access providers: HB 1780, SHB 1780, SB 5664
Investment trust, Washington, creation: HB 2967, SB 5553
Land purchases by agencies, when within urban growth areas in Eastern Washington counties, prohibiting: HB 3008
Lobbying, by state agencies, prohibitions and restrictions, increasing: SB 6676
Natural resource-related agencies, grant or loan award to federal agency, requirements: HB 2480, SHB 2480
Notices, public, about risks and during emergencies, to include notices for non-English-proficient persons: HB 2926, SB 6530
Officers, state, ethics defense trust funds, authority to establish, when: SB 5849, SSB 5849
Officers, state, financial affairs reporting, suspending or modifying, for whom, when: HB 1397, SB 5308, SB 5309, SSB 5309
Officers, state, official duties of, modifying definition: SB 5785, * ESSB 5785 (2015) V
Official oppression by public servant, creating crime of, class C felony: HB 2200
Officials, public, signature attestation by secretary of state: * SB 6491, CH 23 (2016) V
People's business, constitutional amendment to ensure right of access to records concerning conduct of: HJR 4208
Performance management strategies, including lean management, agency savings from: SB 5736
Performance management strategies, lean, curricula and pilot programs for implementation: SB 6006
Performance management, office of, creating: SB 5737, SSB 5737, E2SSB 5737
Performance management, state and agency plans, adoption and agency savings: SB 5737, SSB 5737, E2SSB 5737
Performance of agencies, reporting to legislative fiscal committees concerning, OFM duties: SB 5278
Procurement by state government, "contracting out" assessment and contractor ethical standards: HB 1915, SHB 1915
Procurement by state government, bidder compliance with wage payment laws: HB 1089, SHB 1089, SB 5050
Procurement by state government, businesses hiring impacted workers, contract preferences for: SB 6478
Procurement by state government, contracting and expenditure information, web sites for: SB 5081, SSB 5081
Procurement by state government, contracts between agencies and vendors, prohibiting nondisclosure clause: HB 1374
Procurement by state government, from nonprofit agencies for the blind: * HB 2398, CH 40 (2016)
Procurement by state government, imposing fine on contractor for cause: HB 1447, * SHB 1447, CH 44 (2015), SB 5479
Procurement by state government, nonsubstantive changes to statutes: HB 1235, * SB 5075, CH 79 (2015)
Procurement by state government, safer alternatives to products containing certain toxic chemicals: HB 1472, SHB 1472, E2SHB 1472, SB 5406, SB 6131, SSB 6131
Procurement by state government, seed, identity and purity of: SB 5972, SSB 5972
Procurement by state government, veteran-owned businesses, maximum participation in contracts: SB 6034
Procurement by state, supplemental bidder criteria, optional: HB 1711
Properties, state, resident curator program for: SB 5071, SSB 5071
Property, vacant or undeveloped agency-owned, master real estate plan to use or dispose of: HB 1905
Public disclosure, government entities to pay fee to public disclosure commission: SB 5867
Public instruction, office of superintendent of, elimination of: HJR 4216
Public instruction, office of superintendent, abolishing in conjunction with creating department of education: HB 2947
Public servant, official oppression by, creating crime of, class C felony: HB 2200
Publicly owned trust, Washington, creating: SB 5971
Quality management, accountability, and performance systems of agencies, yearly reporting to legislature: SB 6424
Real estate assets of state agencies, creating state real estate asset management office: HB 1452
Regulatory agency coordination, fostering through office for regulatory innovation and assistance: SSB 6223, SB 6669, SSB 6669
Regulatory agency coordination, fostering through office of regulatory innovation and assistance: SB 6223
Regulatory agency staff and agricultural producers, forums for: SB 5060
Regulatory fines and penalties, after agency's acceptance of reports, prohibiting: HB 1371
Regulatory freedom and accountability act, modifying agency administrative procedures: HB 1371
Reorganization of state government, amendments to conform statutes with: HB 1055, * SB 5024, CH 225 (2015) PV
Reports, agency requirements for, various, revising or eliminating: * EHB 2883, CH 197 (2016)
Rule making by agencies, statutory authority for and preadoption review and yearly expiration of: SB 6396
Rule making by agencies, suspending, exceptions: HB 1371
Sensing devices, extraordinary, use by government agencies, requirements and prohibitions: HB 1639, ESHB 1639, SB 5714
Space exploration center of excellence, Washington state, creating: HB 2434, SHB 2434
Spending programs, new statutory state, requiring expiration date, performance statement, and periodic review: HB 2537, ESB 5944
Unmanned aerial vehicles, use by agencies, procedures and prohibitions: HB 2016
Workforce learning and training development and workforce performance management system, adoption by agencies: SSB 5737, E2SSB 5737