Topical Index

Acquisition of land by state agencies, nonprofit nature conservancy lands, funds application requirements: SB 6392
Acquisition of land by state agencies, prohibiting until education fully funded: HB 2215
Agency lands, access for fire suppression methods for private landowners: HB 1237
Agency lands, replacing noxious pollen-rich weeds with honey bee forage plants: HB 1654, SHB 1654, 2SHB 1654, * EHB 2478, CH 44 (2016)
Agricultural lands, long-term commercial significance, local or state agency-owned, use: SB 5013
Aquatic lands, beds of navigable waters, leases for water-dependent and nonwater dependent uses of: SB 5929
Aquatic lands, city management for public marina operation, agreements with DNR for: HB 1306
Aquatic lands, draft aquatic lands habitat conservation plan, withdrawing from federal review: ESB 5959
Aquatic lands, state-owned, DNR contract management procedures, performance audit of: SB 6500
Day-use permit, endorsement for rock collecting: HB 1271
Farmlands, preservation, using certain account funds for riparian purposes: HB 2352
Federal land, in state, transfer of title to state by U.S. government: HB 1192
Federal lands in state, transfer of, establishing legislative task force to study: HB 1262, SB 5405, SSB 5405
Fire suppression on public lands, livestock owner access for livestock care: HB 2925, * ESHB 2925, CH 109 (2016)
Fish and wildlife commission, lands acquired by, DFW management of: HB 1589
Forest land, public landowner road maintenance or abandonment, recreational access requirements: HB 2695, SHB 2695
Highway purposes, lands for, including improvements and airspace, rental or lease of, valuation requirements: SB 6623
Land use actions by certain state agencies, significant, empirical science use: HB 1963, SB 5622, SSB 5622
Parks and recreational land, acquired through conservation futures program, maintenance and operations funds: HB 2079, SB 5614
Recreation sites or lands, access with one discover pass or vehicle access pass for two vehicles: HB 1826
Recreation sites or lands, access without discover pass, vehicle access pass, or day-use permit, when: HB 1741, SHB 1741
Recreation sites or lands, individual and family passes, modifying provisions: SHB 1826
Recreation sites or lands, off-road vehicle access without discover pass, when: HB 2740, SB 5627
Recreation sites or lands, penalty amounts for pass/permit violations, disposition of: HB 2529, SB 6297, SSB 6297, 2SSB 6297
Resident curator program for state properties, initiating: SB 5071, SSB 5071
Sales of public lands, by governmental entities, remitting percentage to housing trust fund: HB 2049, SHB 2049
State agencies, public lands use plans, coordination with local government: HB 1371
State agencies, purchase of land within urban growth areas in Eastern Washington counties, prohibiting: HB 3008
State agency real estate assets, creating state real estate asset management office: HB 1452
State lands, noxious weeds on, lien proceedings for unpaid county board control action costs: SB 5769
State lands, sold or being sold, creating state land improvement financing area for: * HB 2842, CH 192 (2016), SB 6580
State natural resources agency land acquisition, same-county land sale requirement: HB 2092, SB 5872
Water bodies, access to, small public parcel parking requirements: HB 1056
Wildfires, citizen entering land to initiate control measures, legal immunity, when: HB 1699, HB 2093, * ESHB 2093, CH 182 (2015)