Topical Index

Disciplining of judge, for failure to self-disqualify, when: SB 6255, SSB 6255
District court, Skagit County, increasing judges: * HB 1061, CH 25 (2015), SB 5174
Elected officials, state, authorized leave of absence when charged with felony, PERS service credit: SB 6123
Elected officials, state, voluntary salary reduction: SB 6127
Financial affairs reporting, statement of financial affairs, requirements: HB 1397, SB 5308
Justice and law practice, functions regarding, to reside exclusively with supreme court, constitutional amendment: HJR 4207
Leave of absence, declared, to be considered vacancy in office, when: HB 2249
Marriages, solemnizing by tribal court judges: HB 1113
Officers, state, official duties of, modifying definition: SB 5785, * ESSB 5785 (2015) V
Retirement, Washington elected officials retirement savings plan, creating: SB 5980
Special inquiry judges, subpoena power, personal banking records restrictions: HB 2570
Superior courts, association of the superior court judges of the state of Washington, modifying name of: * HB 2587, CH 179 (2016), SB 6538
Supreme court justices, Antonin Scalia, honoring the memory of: * SR 8725 (2016)
Supreme court justices, authorizing partisan elections for: HB 1051
Supreme court justices, election districts for elections: HB 1350, HB 2030, HJR 4211, SB 5685, SJR 8205
Supreme court justices, election districts for partisan elections for: HJR 4201
Supreme court justices, limiting to two four-year terms: HJR 4217
Supreme court justices, reducing number of: HB 2784