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               (See also MENTAL HEALTH; VULNERABLE ADULTS)
Compensation of guardians, fees and administrative costs, allowing with limits: HB 2043
Guardian ad litem, appointment prior to adult visitation petition hearing: HB 2401
Guardian ad litem, dependency proceedings, background information record disclosure: HB 1980, * ESHB 1980, CH 224 (2015) PV, SB 6020
Guardian ad litem, family court proceedings, appointment of guardian for a child: SB 5823, SSB 5823
Guardian ad litem, personal information, public records disclosure exemption: HB 1035, HB 2300, SHB 2300
Guardianship courthouse facilitator programs, county authority to create: * SB 5647, CH 295 (2015)
Incapacitated adults, alleged theft or financial exploitation by guardian, investigation and action: SB 5945
Incapacitated adults, guardian notification of relatives: HB 2402
Incapacitated person's property or services, theft by a guardian, creating crime of: SB 5945
Incapacitated persons, due process rights, including guardianship termination hearing: HB 1407
Incapacitated persons, guardian notification of relatives: HB 2797, SB 6235
Incapacitated persons, order to prevent or limit a person's contact with, guardian requirements for: HB 2869, SB 6619
Incapacitated persons, right of communication and visitation, guardian role: HB 2797, SB 6235
Modification or termination of guardianship, complaint procedure: SB 5607, * ESSB 5607, CH 293 (2015)
Personal information disclosure, provisions: * HB 1554, CH 47 (2015), SB 5396
Public guardianship, office of, adding supported decision-making assistance services to primary function: HB 1839, SB 5786