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Bills In/Out of Committee: Transportation (H) (2021)

Bills Out of Committee
HB 1030 Docs fAviation revital. loan prgS 2nd Reading 04/07/2021 Dent
E3SHB 1091 Docs afe#Transportation fuel/carbonS Passed 3rd 04/08/2021 Fitzgibbon
SHB 1107 Docs afNonresident vessel permitsH Spkr Signed 04/14/2021 Chapman
HB 1115 Docs fdCredit card costs recoveryC 32 L 21 04/14/2021 Fey
SHB 1135 Docs dTransp. budget 2021-2023H Rules R 03/26/2021 Fey
SHB 1137 Docs aRoad maintenance/planningS Passed 3rd 04/07/2021 McCaslin
HB 1198 Docs f#Aviation coordinating comm'nS 2nd Reading 03/31/2021 Dent
SHB 1204 Docs f#Transp. electrificationH Rules R 02/22/2021 Macri
SHB 1207 Docs afdDOL issued documentsH Spkr Signed 04/14/2021 Ramel
SHB 1223 Docs afo#Custodial interrogationsH Passed FP 04/14/2021 Peterson
HB 1231 Docs fTraffic lane merge educationH Rules R 02/22/2021 Young
EHB 1251 Docs  Wheeled ATVs/state highwaysS Pres Signed 04/15/2021 Orcutt
HB 1255 Docs fMotorcycle steering equip.H Rules R 02/22/2021 Orcutt
SHB 1269 Docs fVehicle transporter platesS Passed 3rd 04/15/2021 Kirby
HB 1284 Docs f#Fuel tax rates/border areasH Rules C 03/10/2021 Shewmake
E2SHB 1287 Docs af#Zero emissions transp.H Passed FP 04/14/2021 Ramel
SHB 1301 Docs f#RTA fare enforcement optionsDel to Gov 04/13/2021 Fitzgibbon
SHB 1322 Docs fOff-road vehicle enforcementS 2nd RdConsCal 04/07/2021 Wylie
SHB 1379 Docs afUnpiloted aircraft systemH Spkr Signed 04/14/2021 Lovick
ESHB 1418 Docs  Rail safety governance/UTCS Rules 2 04/02/2021 Leavitt
ESHB 1457 Docs aBroadband/state highwaysH Passed FP 04/15/2021 Wylie
SHB 1502 Docs f#Electric ferries/countiesH Spkr Signed 04/13/2021 Wylie
SHB 1510 Docs f#Nonemergency medical transp.S Transportation 03/02/2021 Hackney
SHB 1514 Docs af#Transportation demandH Spkr Signed 04/14/2021 Taylor
HB 1523 Docs  Transp. benefit district taxH Rules C 03/10/2021 Wylie
ESHB 1529 Docs fToll revenues/debt serviceS Pres Signed 04/15/2021 Barkis
HB 1546 Docs fMultiuse roadway safety acctS Transportation 04/07/2021 Eslick
2SSB 5000 Docs f#Hydrogen/electric vehiclesS Pres Signed 04/15/2021 Hawkins
SB 5016 Docs fAll-terrain vehiclesDel to Gov 04/12/2021 Warnick
SB 5031 Docs fAviation revital. loan prgS Pres Signed 04/15/2021 Honeyford
SSB 5152 Docs fdVehicle and driver dataDel to Gov 04/12/2021 Nguyen
ESSB 5226 Docs af#License suspensions/trafficS Passed FP 04/15/2021 Salomon
SSB 5332 Docs  Off-road and wheeled ATVsH 2nd Reading 04/02/2021 Padden
SSB 5406 Docs  Tow truck operator comp.H 2nd Reading 04/06/2021 Hawkins
ESSB 5439 Docs f#Broadband/state highwaysH Rules R 04/02/2021 Saldaña
SSB 5460 Docs  Autonomous vehiclesS Pres Signed 04/15/2021 Nguyen
HB:27 SB:9

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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