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Bills In/Out of Committee: Capital Budget (H) (2021)

Bills Out of Committee
HB 1023 Docs fPredesign requirementsDel to Gov 04/13/2021 Steele
HB 1030 Docs fAviation revital. loan prgS 2nd Reading 04/07/2021 Dent
SHB 1080 Docs dCapital budget 2021-2023S Held 04/07/2021 Tharinger
SHB 1081 Docs dState gen. obligation bondsH 2nd Reading 04/02/2021 Tharinger
SHB 1103 Docs  Building materialsH Approps 02/18/2021 Duerr
2SHB 1173 Docs f#State lands development authS 2nd Reading 04/10/2021 Berry
2SHB 1263 Docs  Rural infrastructureH Rules C 03/10/2021 Abbarno
HB 1280 Docs fGreenhouse gas/facilitiesS 2nd Reading 04/10/2021 Ramel
ESHB 1370 Docs fEarly learning fac. grantsS Pres Signed 04/15/2021 Callan
SHB 1391 Docs  Public works/biddingS Housing & Local 03/01/2021 Goehner
HB 1430 Docs fdState upland leasesS Rules 2 03/26/2021 Kloba
SB 5017 Docs  School district procurementH Rules R 04/02/2021 Wellman
SB 5031 Docs fAviation revital. loan prgS Pres Signed 04/15/2021 Honeyford
SB 5032 Docs afAlt public works contractingS Passed FP 04/14/2021 Hasegawa
SB 5146 Docs fFish and wildlife/indemnifyH Passed 3rd 04/09/2021 Van De Wege
SB 5291 Docs fDefense compatibility reportH Rules R 03/25/2021 Conway
ESB 5356 Docs fPublic works/biddingDel to Gov 04/12/2021 Short
HB:11 SB:6

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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