Chapter 308-56A WAC

Last Update: 12/12/13


WAC Sections

Title purpose only and no title issued.
Application for certificate of ownership required.
Assessment criteria for penalty fee.
Stolen vehicle check required for certificate of ownership.
Owner name and addressRecorded on the vehicle recordApplication for certificate of ownership.
Name and addressChange of address.
Names separated by the words "and," "or," or the slash symbol "/."
Ownership in joint tenancy.
Vehicles held in trust.
Leased vehicles.
Multiple legal owners.
New vehiclesManufacturer's statement/certificate of origin.
Vehicles from a state or country other than Washington.
Department temporary permit.
Certificate of vehicle inspection.
Model yearHow determined.
Replacement Washington certificate of ownership.
Ownership in doubtBonded title or three-year registration without title.
Erasures, alterations, and incorrect information.
Signature of registered owner on applicationExceptions.
Releasing interest.
Forms of signature.
Certification of signature.
Vehicle soldReported stolenLiability if abandoned.
Application for certificate of ownership for abandoned vehicles.
Law enforcement sale.
Personal property lienChattel.
Personal property lienLandlord's lien for rent.
Personal property lienSelf-service storage facilities.
Name change.
Transfer by court order.
Owner incompetent.
Owner bankrupt.
Owner deceased.
Acquired from United States government.
No application required.
Application in dealers name.
Delivery of vehicle on dealer temporary permit.
Obtaining dealer temporary permits.
Glider kits.
Assembled and homemade vehicles.
Destroyed or wrecked vehicle—Reporting—Rebuilt.
Elimination of manufactured home certificate of ownership (title)Eligibility.
Vehicle seller's report of sale.
Vehicles brands and comments.
Odometer disclosure statement.