Chapter 458-12 WAC

Last Update: 5/31/13


WAC Sections

DefinitionIrrigation systems—Real—Personal.
Compensation for assistance by department of revenue at request of assessor.
County appraisers' salary and classification plan.
Standard forms.
Listing of real propertyContracts for sale of public lands.
Omitted property and omitted value.
Taxable situsReal property.
Listing of personal property.
Listing of personal property by the assessorPenalties for failing to list personal property and for making a false or fraudulent listing.
PersonaltyTaxable situsIn general.
Situs of personaltyBeer kegs.
Taxing district boundariesDesignation of tax code area.
Listing of propertyPublic landsFederal landsExclusive or concurrent jurisdiction.
Listing of propertyPublic landConveyances.
Listing of propertyPublic landsPurchase by state, county or city.
Listing of propertyPublic landsPossessory rights.
Listing of propertyPublic landsLeasehold interests and improvements.
Listing of propertyPublic landsPublic body as lesseeImprovements.
Computer software—Definitions—Valuation.
ExemptionAgricultural productsGrains, flour, fruit, vegetables and fishCancellation.
ExemptionOres and metals.
Valuation of propertyPersonal property.
New constructionAssessment.
New constructionReports.
Notice of change in value of real property.