Chapter 208-512 WAC

Last Update: 11/13/13


WAC Sections

Characterization of "federal fund transactions."
Definitions and characterization of time deposits.
Limiting loans to officers.
Accounts in excess of one hundred thousand dollars.
Nonbankable assets.
Purchase or sale of United States government securitiesResale or repurchase agreement.
Purchase or sale of United States government securities solely for customers' account not within purview of RCW 30.04.200.
Leasing bank premisesLimitations.
Investment securitiesPermissible investments.
Investment securitiesProper management.
Investment securitiesInvestment in investment companies.
Investments in corporations.
Assessing the record of performance.
Rating assignment.
Rating for period January 1, 1986 through December 31, 1986.
Limitation on single investment.
Investment in qualifying community investments.
Consideration of performance record in meeting community credit needs in approving and disapproving applications.
Insurance agency activitiesPromulgation.
Insurance agency activitiesPurpose.
Insurance agency activitiesDefinitions.
Insurance agency activitiesGeneral rule.
Insurance agency activitiesExceptions.
Insurance agency activitiesSubsidiary.
Insurance agency activitiesEnforcement.
Purpose of these rules.
What is the "guidance"?
What does the guidance require of banks, savings banks and savings associations?
Is there a list of subjects that banks, savings banks and savings associations must include in their policies and procedures?
Where can I read the guidance documents?
Why do I need to read the federal guidance documents?
What will the division of banks do about compliance with guidance policies and procedures?