Chapter 77.85 RCW
Consolidated report on salmon recovery and watershed health.
Governor's salmon recovery officePurpose and duties.
Independent science panel on salmon recoveryPurpose.
Habitat project lists.
Critical pathways methodologyHabitat work schedule.
Sea grant programTechnical assistance authorized.
Southwest Washington salmon recovery regionCreatedRecognition as a regional recovery organizationPuget Sound salmon recovery organizations.
Salmon recovery funding boardCreationMembership.
Board responsibilitiesGrants and loans administration assistance.
Allocation of fundsProcedures and criteria.
Habitat project fundingStatement of environmental benefitsDevelopment of outcome-focused performance measures.
Habitat project listsTracking of funds.
Statewide salmon recovery strategyProspective application.
Salmon monitoring data, information.
Salmon recovery account.
Federal assurances in forests and fish reportEvents constituting failure of assurancesGovernor's authority to negotiate.
Salmon and steelhead recovery programManagement boardDuties.
Salmon intertidal habitat restoration planning processTask forceReports.
Intertidal salmon enhancement planElementsInitial and final plan.
Puget Sound partners.
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