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RCW 48.84.040

Policies and contracts — Prohibited provisions.

No long-term care insurance policy or benefit contract may:

     (1) Use riders, waivers, endorsements, or any similar method to limit or reduce coverage or benefits;

     (2) Indemnify against losses resulting from sickness on a different basis than losses resulting from accidents;

     (3) Be canceled, nonrenewed, or segregated at the time of rerating solely on the grounds of the age or the deterioration of the mental or physical health of the covered person;

     (4) Exclude or limit coverage for preexisting conditions for a period of more than one year prior to the effective date of the policy or contract or more than six months after the effective date of the policy or contract;

     (5) Differentiate benefit amounts on the basis of the type or level of nursing home care provided;

     (6) Contain a provision establishing any new waiting period in the event an existing policy or contract is converted to a new or other form within the same company.

[1986 c 170 § 4.]