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RCW 48.66.035

Commissioner's approval required.

(1) A medicare supplement insurance policy or certificate form or application form, rider, or endorsement shall not be issued, delivered, or used unless it has been filed with and approved by the commissioner.
(2) Rates, or modification of rates, for medicare supplement policies or certificates shall not be used until filed with and approved by the commissioner.
(3) Every filing shall be received not less than thirty days in advance of any such issuance, delivery, or use. At the expiration of such thirty days the form or rate so filed shall be deemed approved unless prior thereto it has been affirmatively approved or disapproved by order of the commissioner. The commissioner may extend by not more than an additional fifteen days the period within which he or she may affirmatively approve or disapprove any such form or rate, by giving notice of such extension before expiration of the initial thirty-day waiting period. At the expiration of any such period as so extended, and in the absence of such prior affirmative approval or disapproval, any such form or rate shall be deemed approved. A filing of a form or rate or modification thereto may not be deemed approved unless the filing contains all required documents prescribed by the commissioner. The commissioner may withdraw any such approval at any time for cause. By approval of any such form or rate for immediate use, the commissioner may waive any unexpired portion of such initial thirty-day waiting period.
(4) The commissioner's order disapproving any such form or rate or withdrawing a previous approval shall state the grounds therefor.
(5) A form or rate shall not knowingly be issued, delivered, or used if the commissioner's approval does not then exist.
[1992 c 138 § 3.]