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RCW 48.46.260

Individual health maintenance agreement — Return within ten days of delivery — Refunds — Void from beginning.

Every subscriber of an individual health maintenance agreement may return the agreement to the health maintenance organization or the insurance producer through whom it was purchased within ten days of its delivery to the subscriber if, after examination of the agreement, the subscriber is not satisfied with it for any reason. The health maintenance organization shall refund promptly any fee paid for the agreement. An additional ten percent penalty shall be added to any premium refund due which is not paid within thirty days of return of the policy to the health maintenance organization or insurance producer. Upon such return of the agreement, it shall be void from the beginning and the parties shall be in the same position as if no agreement had been issued. Notice of the provisions of this section shall be printed on the face of each such agreement or be attached thereto.

[2008 c 217 § 57; 1983 c 202 § 13.]


     Severability -- Effective date -- 2008 c 217: See notes following RCW 48.03.020.