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RCW 48.150.100

Annual statements—Commissioner's report.

(1) Direct practices must submit annual statements, beginning on October 1, 2007, to the office of [the] insurance commissioner specifying the number of providers in each practice, total number of patients being served, the average direct fee being charged, providers' names, and the business address for each direct practice. The form and content for the annual statement must be developed in a manner prescribed by the commissioner.
(2) A health care provider may not act as, or hold himself or herself out to be, a direct practice in this state, nor may a direct agreement be entered into with a direct patient in this state, unless the provider submits the annual statement in subsection (1) of this section to the commissioner.
(3) The commissioner shall report annually to the legislature on direct practices including, but not limited to, participation trends, complaints received, voluntary data reported by the direct practices, and any necessary modifications to this chapter. The initial report shall be due December 1, 2009.
[2007 c 267 § 12.]