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Chapter 18.106 RCW


RCW Sections

18.106.020Certificate or permit required--Photo identification -- Written warning, penalty--Trainee supervision required -- Medical gas piping installer endorsement--Penalty -- Notice of infraction.
18.106.030Application for certificate of competency -- Medical gas piping installer endorsement -- Evidence required.
18.106.040Examinations -- Eligibility requirements -- Determination.
18.106.050Examinations -- Scope -- Results -- Retaking.
18.106.070Certificates of competency, installer endorsement -- Issuance -- Renewal -- Rights of holder -- Training certificates -- Supervision -- Training, certified plumber.
18.106.075Medical gas piping installer endorsement.
18.106.080Persons engaged in plumbing business or trade on effective date.
18.106.090Temporary permits.
18.106.100Revocation of certificate of competency -- Grounds -- Procedure.
18.106.110Advisory board of plumbers.
18.106.130Plumbing certificate fund.
18.106.140Powers and duties of director.
18.106.170Violations -- Inspections -- Production of credentials.
18.106.180Notice of infraction -- Issuance, service.
18.106.190Notice -- Contents.
18.106.200Notice -- Hearing -- Contest -- Notice of appeal.
18.106.210Notice -- Determination infraction committed.
18.106.220Notice -- Penalty payment -- Filing answer of protest -- Failure to respond or appear.
18.106.230Notice -- Failure to respond -- Misdemeanor.
18.106.240Representation by attorney -- Department represented by attorney general.
18.106.250Infraction -- Cases -- Administrative Procedure Act -- Burden of proof -- Order -- Appeal.
18.106.270Infraction -- Monetary penalties -- Rules.
18.106.280Pilot project -- Enforcement of chapter -- Reimbursement fee.
18.106.290Certificate or permit suspension -- Nonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
18.106.300Certificate suspension--Noncompliance with support order--Reissuance.
18.106.310Backflow assembly testers -- Specialty plumber's certificate of competency.
18.106.320Contractor's duties -- Records audit -- Department's rule-making authority -- Penalty.