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HR 4658 - 2011-12
Celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouting.
Sponsors: Jinkins, Dahlquist, Roberts, Rivers, Ryu, Moscoso, Ladenburg, Kelley, Probst, Orwall, Tharinger, Pollet, Santos, Liias, Maxwell, Takko, Blake, Eddy, Hansen, Dickerson, Darneille, Goodman, Lytton, Appleton, McCoy, Moeller, Springer, Pettigrew, Van De Wege, Green, Clibborn, Sells, Hurst, Kagi, Fitzgibbon, Billig, Haigh, Wylie, Hasegawa, Harris, Buys, Alexander, Zeiger, Anderson, Fagan, Hinkle, Ross, Warnick, Rodne, Smith, Klippert, Nealey, Angel, Hargrove, Crouse, Ahern, Asay, Bailey, Haler, Hope
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Mar 1
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