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Bill NumberDescriptionDate FiledSponsor
HB 2251Concerning public facilities districts.12/4/2017Haler
HB 2252Concerning policies for granting academic credit at institutions of higher education for international baccalaureate (IB) examinations.12/4/2017Dolan
HB 2253Concerning the right to control disposition of the remains of a deceased minor child.12/5/2017Graves
HB 2254Addressing the crimes of harassment.12/5/2017Graves
HB 2255Concerning the definition of public records in regards to the legislature.12/5/2017Graves
HB 2256Concerning the online availability of foster parent preservice training.12/5/2017Graves
HB 2257Prohibiting maintenance of certification from being required for certain health professions.12/5/2017McBride
HB 2258Concerning health care provider and health care facility whistleblower protections.12/5/2017Macri
HB 2259Addressing the state auditor's duties and procedures.12/5/2017Dolan
HB 2260Prohibiting the spawning, incubation, and cultivation of Atlantic salmon in the marine waters regulated by the state.12/5/2017MacEwen
HB 2261Concerning housing authorities.12/5/2017MacEwen
HB 2262Concerning actions for wrongful injury or death.12/6/2017Santos
HB 2263Concerning governmental continuity during emergency periods.12/6/2017Goodman
HB 2264Concerning hospital privileges for advanced registered nurse practitioners and physician assistants.12/6/2017Cody
HB 2265Protecting lienholders' interests while retaining consumer protections.12/5/2017Kirby
HB 2266Clarifying the nature of the driver training education curriculum developed and maintained by the department of licensing and the office of the superintendent of public instruction.12/5/2017Hayes
HB 2267Recognizing indigenous peoples' day.12/5/2017Sawyer
HB 2268Concerning ignition interlock device lockout conditions.12/5/2017DeBolt
HB 2269Concerning tax relief for adaptive automotive equipment for veterans and service members with disabilities.12/8/2017Kilduff
HB 2270Changing the dates of the state fiscal year.12/8/2017MacEwen
HB 2271Concerning the processes for reviewing sexually violent predators committed under chapter 71.09 RCW.12/12/2017Muri
HB 2272Concerning restrictions on prescriptions for opiates.12/12/2017Cody
HB 2273Concerning the medicaid fraud control unit.12/12/2017Goodman
HJR 4210Amending the state Constitution to provide governmental continuity during emergency periods resulting from a catastrophic incident.12/6/2017Johnson
HJR 4211Restricting the legislation that can be considered after the ninetieth day of a legislative session in an odd-numbered year.12/8/2017Kilduff
SB 5985Concerning plumbers.12/4/2017Fortunato
SB 5986Concerning plumber training and supervision.12/4/2017Fortunato
SB 5987Concerning pretrial release programs.12/4/2017Padden
SB 5988Concerning dependent child or dependent adult exposure to controlled substances.12/4/2017Padden
SB 5989Concerning small claims court.12/4/2017Padden
SB 5990Enacting the uniform emergency volunteer health practitioners act.12/4/2017Van De Wege
SB 5991Increasing transparency of contributions by creating the Washington state DISCLOSE act of 2018.12/4/2017Billig
SB 5992Concerning trigger modification devices.12/4/2017Van De Wege
SB 5993Modifying collective bargaining law to authorize providing additional compensation to academic employees at community and technical colleges.12/4/2017Keiser
SB 5994Modifying the start date of regular legislative sessions.12/4/2017Hawkins
SB 5995Protecting consumers and purchasers from excessive increases in generic prescription drug prices.12/4/2017Keiser
SB 5996Encouraging the disclosure and discussion of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace.12/4/2017Keiser
SB 5997Addressing the state auditor's duties and procedures.12/5/2017Hunt
SB 5998Concerning health care provider and health care facility whistleblower protections.12/5/2017Keiser
SB 5999Prohibiting the use of state bond proceeds for state employee compensation.12/5/2017Honeyford
SB 6000Authorizing grocery store license endorsements allowing beer and wine tastings at certain grocery stores that specialize in the sale of meat, poultry, seafood, or cheese.12/5/2017Keiser
SB 6001Concerning amendments to bylaws of a condominium association.12/5/2017Keiser
SB 6002Enacting the Washington voting rights act of 2018.12/6/2017SaldaƱa
SB 6003Concerning breakfast after the bell programs in certain public schools.12/6/2017Wellman
SB 6004Reducing the state property tax in calendar year 2018.12/7/2017Mullet
SB 6005Protecting lienholders' interests while retaining consumer protections.12/7/2017Mullet
SB 6006Concerning powers to waive statutory obligations or limitations during a state of emergency.12/7/2017Zeiger
SB 6007Extending the expiration date of the public utility tax exemption for certain electrolytic processing businesses.12/7/2017Takko
SB 6008Concerning the sale of cider and wine by a microbrewery.12/7/2017Takko
SB 6009Authorizing the issuance of personalized collector vehicle license plates.12/7/2017Takko
SB 6010Authorizing certain cities to impose a lodging fee for public safety and public works.12/7/2017Takko
SB 6011Concerning governmental continuity during emergency periods.12/7/2017Takko
SB 6012Allowing the federal veteran identification card to be used to obtain a veteran designation on a driver's license.12/7/2017King
SB 6013Concerning behavioral rehabilitation services.12/8/2017Frockt
SB 6014Concerning automatic security freezes on consumer credit reports.12/8/2017Frockt
SB 6015Concerning actions for wrongful injury or death.12/8/2017Hasegawa
SB 6016Concerning telework.12/11/2017Van De Wege
SB 6017Concerning consumer protections for military service members on active duty.12/11/2017Fain
SB 6018Concerning security freeze fees charged by consumer reporting agencies.12/11/2017Mullet
SB 6019Exempting electronic tolling passes from sales and use taxes.12/12/2017Fortunato
SB 6020Establishing a reporting process for the department of natural resources regarding certain marbled murrelet habitat information.12/13/2017Van De Wege
SB 6021Extending the period for voter registration.12/13/2017Kuderer
SB 6022Concerning contractor bonding requirements for public transportation benefit areas and passenger-only ferry service districts.12/13/2017Rolfes
SJM 8014Requesting that a certain portion of state route number 27 be named the "Sam Strahan Memorial Highway."12/6/2017Schoesler
SJR 8211Amending the state Constitution to provide governmental continuity during emergency periods resulting from a catastrophic incident.12/7/2017Takko