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Chapter 296-17B WAC


WAC Sections

Introduction and overview.
How to read these rules.
The language we use in these rules.
Which version of these rules applies to you?
Individual retrospective rating.
Group retrospective ratingOverview.
Qualifications for sponsoring organizations.
Qualifications for new groups.
Qualifications for existing groups.
Enrolling a group.
Employer qualifications for group membership.
Industry categories.
Enrolling an employer in a group.
Choosing loss limits.
Calculating your retrospective rating premiums.
Premium administration expense charge.
Incurred loss and expense charge.
Net insurance charge.
Determining your standard premiums.
Assigning claims to coverage periods.
Determining your losses.
Determining case incurred losses.
Determining loss incurred for each claim.
Determining your incurred losses.
Determining your hazard group and size group.
Performance adjustmentOverview.
How we determine the performance adjustment factor.
More about the performance adjustment factor.
Protest and appeals.
Account in good standing.
Prohibited conduct.
Refunds of standard premiums after final adjustment.
Coverage periods.
Common ownership.
Due dates.
Discounted loss development factors.
Expected loss ratio factors.
Claim types.
Retrospective rating plans standard premium size ranges.
Hazard Group 1 tables.
Hazard Group 2 tables.
Hazard Group 3 tables.
Hazard Group 4 tables.
Hazard Group 5 tables.
Hazard Group 6 tables.
Hazard Group 7 tables.
Hazard Group 8 tables.
Hazard Group 9 tables.
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