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WAC 246-933-465

Self-study continuing veterinary medical education activities.

The board may grant continuing veterinary medical education credit for participation in self-study educational activities. The board may grant a licensee a total of ten credit hours under this section for any three-year reporting period. Self-study educational activities may include:
(1) Credit for reports. The board may grant continuing education credit for reports on professional veterinary literature. Licensees must submit requests for credit at least sixty days prior to the end of the reporting period. The request must include a copy of the article, including publication source, date and author. The report must be typewritten and include at least ten descriptive statements about the article.
(a) Professional literature approved for these reports are peer reviewed veterinary medical journals.
(b) Each report qualifies for one credit hour. The board may grant a licensee up to five credit hours of continuing veterinary medical education under this subsection if the combined total of ten hours for all types of self-study continuing veterinary medical education is not exceeded.
(2) Credit for preprogrammed educational materials. The board may grant a licensee continuing veterinary medical education credit for viewing and participating in board-approved formal preprogrammed veterinary educational materials. The preprogrammed materials must be approved by an organization listed in WAC 246-933-460, and must require successful completion of an examination. Preprogrammed educational materials include, but are not limited to:
(a) Correspondence courses offered through magazines or other sources;
(b) Cassettes;
(c) Videotapes;
(d) CD-ROM;
(e) Internet.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.92.030. WSR 07-19-130, ยง 246-933-465, filed 9/19/07, effective 10/20/07.]
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