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Members of the 65th Legislature 2017-2018

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Committee Members
Agriculture & Natural Resources (15) Blake, Chair (D); Chapman, Vice Chair (D); Buys; Dent; Chandler; Fitzgibbon; Kretz; Lytton; Orcutt; Pettigrew; Robinson; Schmick; Springer; Stanford; Walsh
Appropriations (33) Ormsby, Chair (D); Robinson, Vice Chair (D); Chandler; MacEwen; Stokesbary; Bergquist; Buys; Caldier; Cody; Condotta; Dye; Fitzgibbon; Graves; Haler; Hansen; Harris; Hudgins; Jinkins; Kagi; Lytton; Manweller; Pettigrew; Pollet; Sawyer; Schmick; Senn; Springer; Stanford; Sullivan; Taylor; Tharinger; Vick; Volz
Business & Financial Services (11) Kirby, Chair (D); Reeves, Vice Chair (D); Vick; Walsh; Barkis; Bergquist; Blake; Jenkin; Mosbrucker; Santos; Stanford
Capital Budget (19) Tharinger, Chair (D); Doglio, Vice Chair (D); Peterson, Vice Chair (D); DeBolt; Smith; Dye; Eslick; Kraft; MacEwen; Macri; Morris; Reeves; Riccelli; Ryu; Sells; Steele; Stonier; Volz; Walsh
Commerce & Gaming (9) Kloba, Vice Chair (D); Condotta; Vick; Blake; Jenkin; Kirby; Ryu; Sawyer; Young
Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs (7) Ryu, Chair (D); Macri, Vice Chair (D); Barkis; Mosbrucker; Jenkin; Reeves; Sawyer
Early Learning & Human Services (13) Kagi, Chair (D); Senn, Vice Chair (D); Dent; McCaslin; Eslick; Frame; Goodman; Griffey; Kilduff; Klippert; Lovick; Muri; Ortiz-Self
Education (19) Santos, Chair (D); Dolan, Vice Chair (D); Stonier, Vice Chair (D); Harris; Muri; Bergquist; Caldier; Hargrove; Johnson; Kilduff; Lovick; McCaslin; Ortiz-Self; Senn; Slatter; Steele; Stokesbary; Valdez; Volz
Environment (9) Fitzgibbon, Chair (D); Peterson, Vice Chair (D); Taylor; Maycumber; Buys; Dye; Fey; Kagi; McBride
Finance (11) Lytton, Chair (D); Frame, Vice Chair (D); Orcutt; Condotta; Dolan; Nealey; Pollet; Springer; Stokesbary; Wylie; Young
Health Care & Wellness (17) Cody, Chair (D); Macri, Vice Chair (D); Schmick; Graves; Caldier; Clibborn; DeBolt; Harris; Jinkins; MacEwen; Maycumber; Riccelli; Robinson; Rodne; Slatter; Stonier; Tharinger
Higher Education (9) Hansen, Chair (D); Pollet, Vice Chair (D); Van Werven; Haler; Holy; Orwall; Sells; Stambaugh; Tarleton
Judiciary (13) Jinkins, Chair (D); Kilduff, Vice Chair (D); Graves; Goodman; Haler; Hansen; Kirby; Klippert; Muri; Orwall; Rodne; Shea; Valdez
Labor & Workplace Standards (7) Sells, Chair (D); Gregerson, Vice Chair (D); Mosbrucker; Pike; Doglio; Frame; Manweller
Local Government (7) Appleton, Chair (D); McBride, Vice Chair (D); Griffey; Pike; Gregerson; Peterson; Taylor
Public Safety (11) Goodman, Chair (D); Pellicciotti, Vice Chair (D); Klippert; Hayes; Appleton; Chapman; Griffey; Holy; Orwall; Pettigrew; Van Werven
Rules (25) Chopp, Chair (D); Kristiansen; Kretz; Bergquist; Haler; Hargrove; Harmsworth; Holy; Johnson; Kraft; Lovick; McBride; McDonald; Ortiz-Self; Orwall; Pettigrew; Riccelli; Senn; Springer; Stanford; Sullivan; Tarleton; Van Werven; Wilcox; Wylie
State Government, Elections & Information Technology (9) Hudgins, Chair (D); Dolan, Vice Chair (D); Kraft; Appleton; Gregerson; Irwin; Johnson; McDonald; Pellicciotti
Technology & Economic Development (17) Morris, Chair (D); Kloba, Vice Chair (D); Tarleton, Vice Chair (D); Smith; DeBolt; Doglio; Fey; Harmsworth; Hudgins; Manweller; McDonald; Nealey; Santos; Slatter; Steele; Wylie; Young
Transportation (25) Clibborn, Chair (D); Fey, Vice Chair (D); Wylie, Vice Chair (D); Harmsworth; Hargrove; Chapman; Gregerson; Hayes; Irwin; Kloba; Lovick; McBride; Morris; Orcutt; Ortiz-Self; Pellicciotti; Pike; Riccelli; Rodne; Shea; Stambaugh; Tarleton; Valdez; Van Werven; Young

* denotes Ranking Minority Member
** denotes Assistant Ranking Minority Member